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[Ebook] ➪ Blue Rose ➩ Sui Lynn –

Blue Rose Luck And An Impromptu Jam Session Bring College Student Quinn Yamamoto To The Blue Rose, A Small RB Nightclub He Meets Handsome Club Owner Enjoji Tatankata And It S Love At First Sight, But No One Said Love Would Ever Be Easy It S One Thing After Another Keeping His Grades Up And Working To Make Ends Meet, Learning About A Family He Didn T Know He Had, Reliving Buried Memories Of Horrifying Abuse In His Nightmares, Discovering That His New Lover Has Dangerous Secrets Nothing In His Life Could Have Prepared Quinn For This.

[Ebook] ➪ Blue Rose  ➩ Sui Lynn –
  • ebook
  • 168 pages
  • Blue Rose
  • Sui Lynn
  • English
  • 24 March 2019
  • 9781615815760

    10 thoughts on “[Ebook] ➪ Blue Rose ➩ Sui Lynn –

  1. says:

    Blue Rose is an odd story with two seemingly unrelated parts to it The first part is so sweet it may test even the most die hard romantics The characters meet, exchange their life stories in a bar, sleep together, and are soul mates before the sun has come up They re totally in love, swearing eternal fidelity and moving in together for the long haul This of course ignores some major issues the story has set up but who cares since love at first sight cures everything The next part of the story deals with Enjoji and Quinn s family expectations and the typical over the top evil villain who actually has henchmen The second half is marginally better than the first but the syrupy sweet love made me roll my eyes too much to enjoy this one The blurb warns readers that the characters fall in love at first sight so it s not a big surprise that they immediate have sex without lube or condoms mind you but it s still too much when they re declaring they are soul mate status mere hours later This stretches any kind of belief since Enjoji is not only straight but engaged to be married Quinn thinks nothing of this since it s a Japanese ar...

  2. says:

    What a strange book Terribly uneven, too It goes along rather well then suddenly there are little portions that like a gradeschooler s attempt I winced when Enjoji whose last name, Tatankata, was a tongue twister for me fucked Quinn vigorously without lube Twice, I believe.I found the entire story required a suspension of belief that was beyond me I had no problems with Quinn and Enjoji having sex within a few hours of meeting but I did have a big issue with them declaring eternal love to each other after their orgasm Undying love after a few hours Oh, I d better add that Enjoji is the head of a clan belonging to the Yakuza Yup The Yakuza And Quinn also turns out to belong to a family connected to the Yakuza I may not know much about the Yakuza beyond what I ve heard or seen in the media but I don t think I d be that far wrong to say they don t go around calling their partners my love at every turn, billing and cooing at each other as they figure out how to extricate themselves fro...

  3. says:

    I debated with myself over the one star it seems harsh But I couldn t justify any better for a story that feels like one of the most amateur feeling published works I ve read in a while Unrealistic characters and over the top sweetness, I can handle and even enjoy in a guilty pleasure way but this went well beyond that point even for a story I d otherwise find appealing And this story was not all that appealing, at least not once we d gotten past t...

  4. says:

    Tear jerker alert All I can say is sniffs this story is well written, very touching and kept me pinned to every word till the very end I would definitely read by this author I m a tad emotionally overwhelmed so I warn you to have the Kleenex at your ready I need something happy go lucky now after this one Ok so I came back to ...

  5. says:

    I really enjoyed this book and to me the relationship seemed a bit speedy, it was very true and genuine I found it a nice read and loved the scenes with the two main characters, especially with Quinn s family.

  6. says:

    The book kind of read like a paper for class instead of a book I just couldn t picture real people talking the way that they did.

  7. says:

    Nineteen year old Quinn Yamamoto is going off to his second year of college at Colorado State University It s an exciting time for him, and although he knows he ll miss his mother, and his eight year old sister Rayme, he is looking forward to returning to the college life he has come to enjoy Rayme has given her brother a stuffed animal to remember her by, what else does he need Quinn has a new roommate this year, senior Tage MacCallister Taking advantage of the fact that he is actually two weeks early his desire to get all his ducks in a row before classes start Quinn finds himself sitting at the old upright piano in the dorm common room, and how can he resist playing He can t, and before he knows it, he s attracted an audience, thanks to his tuneful tickling of the ivories That s how he meets some fellow musicians, who are also at the school early Tim, and Raj as well as his roommate Tage They tell him about a place called the Blue Rose, where they work during the school year, playing music, and earning some money Hey, why doesn t he come with them, maybe he can get on there too Why not, Quinn thinks So they all head off to the Blue Rose, being hungry aren t college students always hungry to see if Quinn ha...

  8. says:

    Absolutely dreadful and hilariously funny for all the wrong reasons I almost gave up after the first chapter, which is all tell and no show actually the entire book is tell tell tell if this is the best work the editor did on it then I hate to think what it looked like before edits However I m glad I continued reading because the book descended into total inane stupidity and it was hysterically funny The characterisation is so thin you can see through it, the plot became increasingly ridiculous, and the whole thing is just OTT and awash with syrupy sweetness Oh and these guys are yakuza So much suspension of disbelief is required for this story to work on any level but then we get to the Big Twist at the end and I have to say I laughed so hard.Now I love yaoi novels but this is like a really bad fanfic of the cheesiest yaoi novel imaginable Bad writing, bad storytelling, bad characterisation, bad editing this book is a total trainwreck If you re looking for a good yaoi ...

  9. says:

    It was waaaay too insta lovey for me Like, total devoted lifetime love at first sight, and it s not a paranormal.And worse than insta love, it was insta insane possesiveness Um, no thanks Yuck Seriously, from the moment these guys declare their undying love a few hours after they meet , there are overtones that sound like nightmare in the making you re mine and only mine forever and ever and I don t want to share you with anyone else kind of stuff.Not to mention GFY with no zero, zip, zilch second thoughts, questioning, etc Just wow I love you ever so much, I can t live without you and the fact that it s with a man is totally glossed over Apparently it s not worth a second thought to be 29 years old, have thought yourself straight all along, and then fall forever after in love with a man a few hours after meeting him.I stopped reading near the end of chapter 4 when it all become too cloying And in addition ...

  10. says:

    Synopsis Quinn is asked to play at the Blue Rose, which leads to him catching the eye of Enjoji, the owner Even though Enjoji is straight and engaged, once he sees Quinn, he is Quinn s forever They sleep together, move in together and are soul mates forever together But Enjoji isn t what he appears to be rather than a humble bar owner, he turns out to be head of a crime syndicate who will do anything to protect Quinn.What I liked the premise I liked the connection between Quinn and Enjoji, even while I found it insanely unbelievable.What I didn t like Oh Enjoji is the head of the Japanese crime syndicate But it s okay Because he is turning it legitimate Oh Quinn has a secret past that he didn t know about But it s okay Beca...

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