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Reading ➿ Creation Author Gore Vidal –

CreationOnce Again The Incomparable Gore Vidal Interprets And Animates History This Time In A Panoramic Tour Of The 5th Century B.C And Embellishes It With His Own Ironic Humor, Brilliant Insights, And Piercing Observations We Meet A Vast Array Of Historical Figures In A Staggering Novel Of Love, War, Philosophy, And Adventure There Isn T A Page Of CREATION That Doesn T Inform And Very Few Pages That Do Not Delight John Leonard, The New York Times From The Paperback Edition.

Reading ➿ Creation Author Gore Vidal –
  • Hardcover
  • 510 pages
  • Creation
  • Gore Vidal
  • English
  • 03 August 2018
  • 9780394500157

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    The late Gore Vidal had a penchant for upending history, with his retellings of Burr, Lincoln, the Emperor Julian, and Roosevelt Here, he has an irresistible setting the memoirs and recollections of a Persian diplomat who is fed up with listening to Herodotus boast about an imagined victory barbarians , and retells his life to his son He has met, and hobnobbed with, Zoroaster, Anaximander, Pericles, Socrates, the Buddha, Confucius, Xerxes, Darius, and Lao Tsi All of these figures with the exception of Zoroaster did live within roughly the same time frame, the 5th century b.c The setting alone, and the luxurious descriptions thereof, are a traveler s and historian s dream.Of course, our narrator is a diplomat after all So in between the descriptions are some universal truths about politics in human nature that is, it s a whole bunch of assholes trying to fuck each other.In contrast to this, the narrator makes a point to sea...

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    Persian history at the peak of the Achaemenid Empire 5th century BCE is pretty neatly summed up in a few lines from our high school world history courses, largely in connection with Greek history We hear a few snippets about the Persian rulers, Cyrus, Darius, and Xerxes a big paragraph about the runner who sprinted from Marathon to warn the Greeks of the Persian attack which was comeuppance for supporting a revolt in Persia and burning the city of Sardis and ever after served as the namesake for future long distance running contests the battle at Thermopylae in which a handful of Spartans embarrassed an overwhelming Persian force under the Persian king, Xerxes, immortalized and buried under a mountain of hyperbole in cinema, and how Greeks won freedom from a terrible oppressor, launching democracy, serving as a basis for civilization and western world, blah blah blah.Hyperbole And partial nudity And epic nose chains.Essentially, most of what we know about Persia has been related through the lens of ...

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    An historical novel of truly epic proportions20 October 2012 I didn t realise that Gore Vidal was what is called a revisionist when it came to his historical novels, but it only makes me want to pick up of his books because revisionists tend to give us an alternate view of history that differs from the history that is written by the winners This book is one of those examples not so much a retelling of Herodotus but rather a version of Herodotus written from the view of a Persian For those who are not familiar with Ancient Greek literature, Herodotus is known as the Father of History, but he is also known as the Father of Lies, most likely because of his portrayal of the Persians who were the enemies of the Greeks However, Herodotus Histories is not strictly a history text but rather an anthropological text in which he describes a number of cultures that existed around the Eastern Mediterranean during his time A large section of his book deals with the Egyptians in which we learn a lot about Egyptian culture such as the fact that they practised circumcision that we may not have otherwise known However, in the end, it appears that Herodotus purpose is to demonstrate that the greatest of the civilisations is that of the Greeks Vidal tries to overturn that belief by writing from the point of view of a Persian diplomat, Cyrus Spitama The novel begins near the end of Spitama s life, when he is posted to Greece as a diplomat He...

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    Creation is my most favourite novel on the subject of an ancient history, and not because it had opened my eyes to some antediluvian clandestine truths but because of its freewheeling stylishness I am blind But I am not deaf Because of the incompleteness of my misfortune, I was obliged yesterday to listen for nearly six hours to a self styled historian whose account of what the Athenians like to call the Persian Wars was nonsense of a sort that w...

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    This is a magnificent novel by Gore Vidal I had read a translation of it many years ago However a few weeks ago Vidal was in Toronto and that was how I began looking at the novel again For those Iranians who were angry at the movie 300, this book works as a relief The narrator is an imaginary Cyrus Spitama, who Vidal describes as the grandson of Zoroaster Zarathushtra I have to add that Zoroaster lived somewhere between 4000 to 7000 years ago Recent studies are in favour of 7000, including Mary Setegast s marvelous research When Zarathushtra Spoke So in a way Vidal s Cyrus Spitama cannot be the prophet s grandson, since the author is talking about events of the Achemenide king Xerxes And by this time even the language of Gathas, Zoroaster s divine songs, was a dead language But the good thing of this historical novel is that it reveals the lies of Herodotus, the well known Greek historian whose lies were often used against Iranian civilization Cyrus Spitama s narratio...

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    This is not one of my favorite books of all time, but I am giving it five stars anyway because it truly is amazing Vidal s grasp of history never fails to impress me Creation is a long rambling journey across the fourth century B.C as viewed by Cyrus Spitama, a Persian diplomat and the grandson of Zoroaster Vidal breaks several of the cardinal rules of fiction, and the book can seem a little exhausting at times the lengthy conversations about ancient Greek poli...

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    This and Julian may be my favorite novels by Vidal, not that I ve read them all yet.Creation postulates, within the realm of plausibility, a character who, in the course of his lifetime, travels from Persia...

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    Hey Petra thanks for the like As full of himself mr Vidal was, this book is such a masterwork I d like to read it again sometime.

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