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Free ↠ The Others Gold By Elizabeth Ames –

The Others Gold An Insightful And Sparkling Novel That Opens On A College Campus And Follows The Friendship Of Four Women Across Life Defining Turning PointsAssigned To The Same Suite During Their Freshman Year At Quincy Hawthorne College, Lainey, Ji Sun, Alice, And Margaret Quickly Become Inseparable The Leafy Green Campus They Move Through Together, The Idyllic Window Seat They Share In Their Suite, And The Passion And Ferocity That School And Independence Awakens In Them Ignites An All Encompassing Love With One Another But They Soon Find Their Bonds Forged In Joy, And Fused By Fear Must Weather Threats That Originate From Beyond The Dark Forests Of Their Childhoods, And Come At Them From Institutions, From One Another, And Ultimately, From Within Themselves The Other S Gold Follows The Four Friends As Each Makes A Terrible Mistake, Moving From Their Wild College Days To Their Feral Days As New Parents With One Part Devoted To Each Mistake The Accident, The Accusation, The Kiss, And The Bite This Complex Yet Compulsively Readable Debut Interrogates The Way That Growing Up Forces Our Friendships To Evolve As The Women Discover What They And Their Loved Ones Are Capable Of, And Capable Of Forgiving A Joyful, Big Hearted Book That Perfectly Evokes The Bittersweet Experience Of Falling In Love With Friendship, The Experiences Of Lainey, Ji Sun, Alice, And Margaret Are At Once Achingly Familiar And Yet Shine With A Brilliance And Depth All Their Own

Free ↠ The Others Gold  By Elizabeth  Ames –
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The Others Gold
  • Elizabeth Ames
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9781984878496

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    A sharply drawn portrait of a lifelong friendship, THE OTHER S GOLD follows four young women bearing past traumas and navigating unimagined futures With an uncanny eye for detail, Elizabeth Ames charts the complex, ever shifting topography of this chosen family and illuminates the ways our closest friends sustain us over the course of our lives.

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    Celeste Ng blurbed this and i am not okay

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    4.5 starsThe Other s Gold is the story of four young women s path to adulthood, with ordinary ups and downs elevated through lyrical prose, containing current political and social events seamlessly woven in, making the reader feel like they could have been part of this lucky quartet.Ames has a lovely way of writing, presenting everyday life as a magical secret that she s willing to share, if you listen closely to her whispered tale She balances so much family drama, sisterhood, sexual harassment, feminist ideals, disappointments, triumphs, and One can t help but fall in love with the characters, share in their celebrations, and mourn their mistakes and loses This debut was top rate, and I highly recommend it This ARC was provided by Viking Penguin, in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book was all kinds of crazy, in the best ways possible Four women who become a close unit of friends in college each make one terrible mistake in this beautifully written book These characters are unbelievably well drawn Each one of them leaps off the page with vivacity and creative energy I would read 3 novels with these women featured, their flaws and fierce love for one another were addictive.Perfect summer to fall read for those who need punchy characters in their lives.

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    This novel didn t work for me I found the characters flat and, ultimately, didn t care about them Disappointing read for me, but I may not have been the best audience.

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    A 2019 favorite and one of the best adult fiction books this mostly YA readers has read in a while Elizabeth Ames writing style completely sucked me in, and I just loved this story so much

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    I really dug this one It reminded me of the movie Friends with Money I liked Ji Sun the best, as I felt she stayed most true to her character This would have been four star for me but there was not even remotely enough outrage for the Kiss It mean that was ridiculous.

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    Despite the fact that this is the type of novel that I generally like, I found this book very disappointing Again, four college roommates bond and become lifelong friends The women go through college traumas, marriage and motherhood maintaining this relationship The characters represented a carefully curated group, even to their diversity of background and hair color All of this managed to feel very contrived It seemed like the author found inspiration in books such as THE GROUP, but fell short However, the author tends to plod along and focus endlessly on a few incidents I found the book very formulaic and predictable I understand the use of foreshadowing, but readers don t have to be hit over the head to see where some of the characters are going I found the relationships rather unbelievable and I was left with a lack of closure So, I found this novel didn t live up to my expectations.

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    The Other s Gold is a gorgeous novel, brimming with the romance of budding, full friendships and the way we carry our pasts, our shame, and each other through it all The four female protagonists meet on a window seat in their freshman dorm Their friendship is fast and deep, and we too, as readers, fall in love right beside them While I loved the intensity of their friendship, I also loved each individually, too despite, and in spite, of each of their mistakes that the book follows I found myself thinking of the characters when I wasn t reading, counting the minutes until I could crack my copy open again and rejoin their lives I honestly couldn t put this one down It is so interesting and intense, with a plot that keeps the pages turning quickly Yet I wanted to slow down as a reader, and take in the beauty of Ames prose, the nuanced way she can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, making sharp and witty observations about the worlds her characters live in I read the last few pages over and over, not wanting my time with the characters, and this story, to end.The Others Gold is exactly the kind of book you ll want to lose yourself in, then press into your own friends hands, so that they can discuss it all with you Immersive and unpredictable, vivid and emotional, this is the book you will want to revisit again and again.

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    This was fine, very readable Part 1 when they first entered college , the language tried too hard and felt forced But, as the timeline progressed, it smoothed out This book really captures the love of female friendships and intense bonding when one enters college Early on, they make a pact to keep each other s secrets, no matter what My issue is that some of the characters weren t quite fleshed out especially true of Ji Sun and that the secrets were all kind of odd and not quite true to character I received an arc from the publisher but all opinions are my own.

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