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[Download] ➼ The Girl in Red Author Christina Henry –

The Girl in RedFrom The National Bestselling Author Of Alice Comes A Postapocalyptic Take On The Perennial Classic Little Red Riding Hood About A Woman Who Isn T As Defenseless As She Seems.It S Not Safe For Anyone Alone In The Woods There Are Predators That Come Out At Night Critters And Coyotes, Snakes And Wolves But The Woman In The Red Jacket Has No Choice Not Since The Crisis Came, Decimated The Population, And Sent Those Who Survived Fleeing Into Quarantine Camps That Serve As Breeding Grounds For Death, Destruction, And Disease She Is Just A Woman Trying Not To Get Killed In A World That Doesn T Look Anything Like The One She Grew Up In, The One That Was Perfectly Sane And Normal And Boring Until Three Months Ago.There Are Worse Threats In The Woods Than The Things That Stalk Their Prey At Night Sometimes, There Are Men Men With Dark Desires, Weak Wills, And Evil Intents Men In Uniform With Classified Information, Deadly Secrets, And Unforgiving Orders And Sometimes, Just Sometimes, There S Something Worse Than All Of The Horrible People And Vicious Beasts Combined Red Doesn T Like To Think Of Herself As A Killer, But She Isn T About To Let Herself Get Eaten Up Just Because She Is A Woman Alone In The Woods.

[Download] ➼ The Girl in Red Author Christina Henry –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Girl in Red
  • Christina Henry
  • 05 January 2017
  • 9780451492289

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    Who s the wolf in the woods now Red, a young woman on her own, is travelling through the forest in a post apocalyptic world they had watched in horror as town after town and city after city was decimated by this sickness, this mysterious terror that had sprung up The Crisis as she calls it has already ruined most of the world and nearly all of her family and now Red is alone in the world almost. Grandmas didn t die from stuff like that Grandmas went on and on, enduring year after year, shriveled and worn but somehow ageless. Red s grandmother lives isolated in the woods, in a self sustaining little cottage hundreds of miles away And once Red makes a plan, she sticks to it So what if she s alone in this world So what if her supplies are running low So what if everyone and everything out there is trying to kill her Grandma is out there, and Red is going to see her Only, her journey is not nearly as easy as she thought The woods are teeming with wolves both animal and human The fellow across the fire gave Red the once over, from the wild corkscrews of her hair peeking out from under her red hood to the small hand axe that rested on the ground beside her. But the joke is on them, because if there is one thing Red has been preparing for it was the apocalypse He d thought she would be polite, that she would offer to share her ...

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    I am going to my grandma s house, and if you try to stop me I will slice off whatever I can reach and leave you here to bleed to death With alternating timelines that reveal the decimation of the world, Red is our consistent main character who shows that being a woman in a man s ravaged world is her very underestimated strength She doesn t need guns or an intimidating appearance or even all four limbs She has serious smarts and fierce intuition The Girl in Red is a violent, post apocalyptic retelling of the little red riding hood from once upon a time Girls are stronger now, and their grandmothers can take care of themselves...

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    4.5 rounded up 5 stars to an apocalyptic, dystopian , bloody, vulgar, harsh, nerve bending, nail biting, heart throbbing version of Red Riding Hood I never see this coming This author is merciless and definitely wilder than Grimm Brothers and I literally devoured each pages but I m still hungry for This book is gruesome, reminds of us so many The world is ending and contagious virus theme projects starting from Bird Box Just like movie version the two children accompany Red are he and she just like Sandra Bullock call them , 28 days later , so much better version of Shymalan s Happening the situation of abandoned houses, stores with full of dead people , Sodenberg s Contagion and finally this is not the dystopian movie but as it is admitted on the book, the creature s technique of ripping apart of the people s abdomens is totally great tribute to Ridley Scott s Alien We have a remarkable heroine like younger but definitely rougher and tougher version of Sarah Connor mostly the second movie and ore muscled version meets girl version of Mad Max let s say Maxine When I was a child I have read too many Grimm Brothers nightmarish fairy tales and I was also disappointed about the naivety of red riding hood she cannot differentiate her grandma from a wolf, come on Red Wear glasses but thi...

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    Red needs to get to Grandma s house but this is no fairytale land she is traveling through.This is a postapocalyptic war zone where a disease, known as the cough , runs rampant and has decimated the population The world is a dangerous place with enemies around every corner, or so it seems Most people have been rounded up into quarantine camps but Red would rather take her chances on the road.Alternating between now and before, we get a pretty good idea of Red s home life and family dynamic prior to the sickness Red, who has a prosthetic limb, after being hit by a car at the age of 8, is used to people underestimating her She becomes frustrated with this and constantly feels compelled to be tough and prove people wrong.Highly risk averse, Red feels well prepared for this Certainly prepared than your average Joe She knows the rules She has been studying them via horror movies and books for years Girl, same.I loved this aspect of Red s personality Traveling with her whiny brother, Adam, Red feels like she needs to not only carry her weight but his too Put simply, Adam was a huge pain in the ass Red has the patience of a Saint, frankly, putting up with him as she did.I loved how quickly the ac...

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    Gripping, action packed frightening THE GIRL IN RED by CHRISTINA HENRY is a creative retelling with a kickass heroine and non stop action that immediately captured my attention I do believe that this is my very first retelling and what a way to start it all off with this book I see retellings in my future CHRISTINA HENRY delivers an interesting, terrifyingly dark, gruesome, and heart pounding nightmarish tale here that was quite the entertaining, fast paced, and well written read Red was such a refreshing and fabulous heroine I loved everything about her character.The tale is told from Red s point of view in a before the apocalypse and after the apocalypse timelines which definitely created lots of tension and added to the suspense Traveling Friends Read Norma s Stats Cover Intriguing, eye catching, suspenseful, foreboding, freaky, frightening and a fitting representation to storyline Title Intriguing, classic, and fitting representation to storyline Writing Prose Well written, engaging and readable Plot Fairy tale retelling, fast paced, intense, exciting, danger, compelling, suspenseful, action packed, fabulous heroine, and gripping Ending An action packed, thrilling, bittersweet and an unresolved or open ending tha...

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    It s like The Road by Cormac McCarthy went skipping through the woods to grandmother s house in this dystopian sci fi retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Aside from a few hackneyed attempts to insert views on certain political agendas, this is a well plotted, swift paced story of survival Red, a young wo...

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    Find all of my reviews at DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY If you were left feeling meh by The Mermaid, have no fear because Henry bringeth the darkness once again with this post apocalyptic retelling A review via giffery presented by Mitchell If you are anything like me, Christina Henry completely blew your mind when she proved in her darkly updated version of Alice In Wonderland that When she revamped Peter Pan Mind blown.I was pretty much crapping my drawers to see what she would come up with next And when I heard it was a new spin on P.T Barnum s famous Fiji mermaid, I was 100% ready for But then A kissing book Helllllllllll nah Get to the stabbing Despite that one missing the mark for me, I remained a loyal stalker fan and couldn t wait to see what Henry s warped little mind could conjure up next To say The Girl In Red didn t disappoint is a true understatement Not since Have I enjoyed a Red Riding Hood retelling so much Immune to a plague that has decimated the population, Red knows her only hope is to make it to Granny s cabin a place she is certain she and her brother can survive this end of days But the getting there is the hard part The road less traveled is a must as they trek across country, and the dangers waiting...

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    An upcoming Traveling Friends Group Read with Norma You can find us here to join ok, that was something different from what I have been reading lately and I have been reading something different quite a bit.The Girl in Red is an entertaining yet a little horrifying and creative, post apocalyptic take on Little Red Riding Hood Christina Henry is known for her retelling of fairy tales and this is a first for me I am now curious about some of her other retellings I do secretly like post apocalyptic stories and I have read a couple of them in the past but nothing like this one I was pleasantly a little surprised by how much I enjoyed this one.The Little Red Riding Hood here is this tale is far from helpless and the wolf is terrifying Our main character Red is clever, brave, resilient with a strong personality and not afraid to show everyone just how strong it is She is unique and entertaining with her sharp tongue and references to post apocalyptic movies and books We see a few different sides to Red here in this tale making her an interesting character.The tale is told is dual timelines with before and after timelines creating ...

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    I read something a little different, and it really paid off I ve long wanted to read a Christina Henry book I ve even bought a couple for my shelf and just haven t read them yet I m thrilled that The Girl in Red was my first because what a way to begin The Girl in Red is a post apocalyptic spin on Little Red Riding Hood It s no longer safe to be in the woods The creatures come out at night, and sometimes there are men worse than the creatures Ever since the Crisis happened, the woman in the red jacket Red has no choice but to enter the woods at night Those who survived the crisis now live in quarantine camps where disease and death are formidable adversaries Red is trying to survive Imagine all the evil men and cruel beasts and mash them together and then you may have identified Red s true adversary But Red s no weak woman You ll see The Girl in Red is hauntingly dark and beautifully written Red is a character to absolutely love She s a fighter and as tough as they come I loved the pace and the ending came on fast, too, almost leaving an opening for a sequel maybe This is a book you can easily binge I would start it when you have time to keep going because the pace and suspense keeps you completely engaged, and I know I couldn t bear to put it down The Girl in Red is a magnificently compelling and smart retelling of one of ...

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    The Girl in Red by Christina Henry is a post apocalyptic Little Red Riding retelling Take a minute and imagine Red as a totally kickass heroine who just happened to be a doomsday prepper and the end of the world as we know it had begun.Red, even though technically an adult now was still living with her parents when the news first began sharing stories of a new viral threat that was beginning Folks would come down with a cough and soon they were gone without a cure in sight Red knew what this meant, even though they were in a small town her family wasn t safe, if only she could get them to see it.Red began training herself for a long walking journey knowing it would be tough with having a prosthetic leg from an accident as a child She packed herself a huge backpack and knew just where her family should head, her grandmother s house which was self sustaining and miles away from anyone Red was determined to not be the victims she read about in all her fantasy novels, it would just be a matter of getting everyone to listen.The Girl in Red was t...

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