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[PDF / Epub] ★ The Long Flight Home Author Alan Hlad –

The Long Flight Home Inspired By Fascinating, True, Yet Little Known Events During World War II, The Long Flight Home Is A Testament To The Power Of Courage In Our Darkest Hours A Moving, Masterfully Written Story Of Love And Sacrifice.It Is September 1940 A Year Into The War And As German Bombs Fall On Britain, Fears Grow Of An Impending Invasion Enemy Fighter Planes Blacken The Sky Around The Epping Forest Home Of Susan Shepherd And Her Grandfather, Bertie After Losing Her Parents To Influenza As A Child, Susan Found Comfort In Raising Homing Pigeons With Bertie All Her Birds Are Extraordinary To Susan Loyal, Intelligent, Beautiful But None So Than Duchess Hatched From An Egg That Susan Incubated In A Bowl Under Her Grandfather S Desk Lamp, Duchess Shares A Special Bond With Susan And An Unusual Curiosity About The Human World Thousands Of Miles Away In Buxton, Maine, A Young Crop Duster Pilot Named Ollie Evans Has Decided To Travel To Britain To Join The Royal Air Force His Quest Brings Him To Epping And To The National Pigeon Service, Where Susan Is Involved In A New, Covert Assignment Codenamed Source Columba, The Mission Aims To Air Drop Hundreds Of Homing Pigeons In German Occupied France Many Will Not Survive Those That Do Make The Journey Home To England Can Convey Crucial Information On German Troop Movements And Help Reclaim The Skies From The Luftwaffe.The Friendship Between Ollie And Susan Deepens As The Mission Date Draws Near When Ollie S Plane Is Downed Behind Enemy Lines, Both Know How Remote The Chances Of Reunion Must Be Yet Duchess S Devotion And Her Singular Sense Of Duty Will Become An Unexpected Lifeline, Relaying Messages Between Susan And Ollie As War Rages On And Proving, At Last, That Hope Is Never Truly Lost.

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Long Flight Home  Author Alan Hlad –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Long Flight Home
  • Alan Hlad
  • English
  • 22 May 2018
  • 9781496721679

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    I received an Advance Reader copy of this novel, The Long Flight Home by Alan Hlad, which will be published on June 25, 2019 Many thanks to Kensington Publishing for my copy Although my opinion has generally been that the market seems to have reached a kind of saturation point when it comes to the number of World War II novels that have been written, I admit that I was drawn to the premise of this book and I found myself swept up in the story Alan Hlad created This novel begins in the autumn of 1940 on a farm in Epping, England Susan Shepherd, along with her grandfather Bertie, keep and train homing pigeons Susan even thinks of one of her birds as a kind of pet. a pigeon with beautiful plumage and a fierce intelligence, named Duchess By day, Susan and Bertie care for their pigeons and recently they spend their nights huddled in a shelter below ground, listening to the frightening sounds of bombs being dropped by German aircrafts and these bombs seem to be coming closer and closer as each day goes by As members of the National Pigeon Service, Bertie ...

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    Thanks so much to NetGalley, Kensington Books and Alan Hlad for giving me the chance to read his wonderful book The Long Flight Home.Susan Shepherd lives with her grandfather Bertie near Epping Forest in England and the book begins a year after the start of WW II Susan was raised by her grandparents, her parents died when she was a little girl from the Spanish Flu and they live very close to London They live a quiet life, they breed and race homing pigeons Susan was studying zoology, but the war starting halted her studies and she decides to help her aging grandfather care for his pigeons as he has very bad knees, he finds doing every day tasks a challenge and he s in a lot of pain.As the German s start bombing London Susan and her grandfather spend most night s in a shelter they built in the backyard In the morning they wake up to see fires burning in London, the damage the Luftwaffe has done to buildings and witness the terrible loss of life.The War Office contacts them requesting Bertie to attend a meeting as they have a plan using pigeons to carry military information between England and France The idea is to drop hundreds of pigeons into France as part of undercover mission called Columbia, they need as many pigeons as they can get from breeders all over England and join the National Pigeon Servi...

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    The British government s secret mission is pigeons Source Columba, Bertie said These pigeons are going to help us win the war This is a must read for historical fiction lovers Hlad did a fantastic job putting a new perspective on the thoroughly covered WWII genre A Long Flight Home was well researched with an engaging storyline, sympathetic characters and some unlikely heroes I enjoyed the action scenes and the lo...

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    The Long Flight Home is primarily set in Eppings, England 1940 at the beginning of what has come to be known as The Blitz, where the Luftwaffe bombed London for almost 60 straight days Eppings, England holds the farm home of Susan Shepherd and her grandfather Bertie who are both volunteers in the National Pigeon Service where they raise homing pigeons, or in this case war pigeons Shortly after the story starts Ollie from Maine , through a set of circumstances, begins helping them on the farm He and Susan develop feelings for each other, but shortly after are separated when the first pigeon mission begins.When I first heard about the book, I will admit my assumption was that it would be geared toward the detailed inner workings of the National Pigeon Service as well as how it was run and setup during this time frame, what the messages contained that were carried back by the pigeons when they went to France, what was acted upon based on the messages, and so forth Something a bit real and gritty However, the book is primarily focused on the relationships between Susan, Ollie, Bertie and Boar the antagonist during this time of war.In the book, we learn information on these types of pigeons such as one way and two way communication and hear the harrowing tale of Cher Ami, who is probably the most famous homing pigeon known and can be seen, I believe, at the Smithsonian s National Museum of American History I always enjoy books such as these that bring out a new part...

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    I received a free copy of The Long Flight Home by Alan Hlad in a Goodreads give away in exchange for an honest review Before reading The Long Flight Home, I must admit that I did not know a lot about how pigeons were used in World War II I found it fascinating how pigeons could be trained to carry messages during the war back and forth from England to France It was also surprising to find out how this story came to be The author, Alan Hlad, mentioned in his Author s Note that he had read about the remains of a pigeon that was found in a chimney in Surrey, England in 2012 A coded message was attached to the pigeon s leg The message was never able to be decoded but after reading about this discovery, the idea for The Long Flight home was born It was a fast reading book and I really enjoyed reading it.Ollie was a young man that lived in Buxton, Maine with his parent on their farm One day, Ollie s parents drove to town to get some things and were in a fatal car accident Ollie had given up his dreams of going to college when his father had been injured in an accident on their farm years ago Now with both of his parents gone, and with nothing to keep him in Maine, Ollie was determined to get to England and volunteer in the Royal Air Force even though the United States remained neutral towards the war Alan Hlad also mentioned that than 200 American volunteers joined England in helping them fight the Germans in World War II before the United States actually entere...

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    WOW, OH WOW No way can I do justice with a review that could come close to depicting how wonderful, beautiful, even informational and golly darn, just plain how AWESOME this book is By far the best book I have read in 2019 and it will be going into my all time favorite books ever list I expect this to be a best seller It is one of the most astonishing WWII books, bringing to the spotlight a subject that has not even been mentioned before in the hundreds of WWII books I ve read.I fell in love with Susan at hello, adored Bertie, and then Oliver from Maine, how can you not fall in love with that guy And the story is not complete if I left out little Ms Duchess This story has it all, the writing is spectacular, the storyline is excellent, the research was spot on and the dynamics of these three main characters was an absolute joy to watch and listen to.What do you love about pigeons Everything, says Susan Oh, that entire conversation between Ollie and Susan cannot be described, it has to be felt This au...

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    Epping, England, Sept 1940 Susan Shepherd postpones her zoology study at the University of London in lieu of a important endeavor raising war pigeons.Buxton, Maine, Sept 1940 Ollie Evans postpones his study in aeronautical engineering due to his father s accident on the potato farm Ollie has been fascinated with planes since early childhood His father taught him how to operate a crop duster biplane, at the age of 14, to spread fertilizer over potatoes But now, another accident leads him to leaving the farm completely and this farther takes him to join the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom The work for RAF directs him to the National Pigeon Service, where Susan is involved in a secret assignment What attracted me to this story was the little known event during WWII Homing pigeons played an important role in war, transporting messages.However, the plot is ...

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    I have read quite a few novels set in 1940 during the war but, The Long fight home by Alan Hlad is different to other books that I have read.It s September 1940 and it s a year into the war Sam Shepherd lives with her Grandfather Bertie in Epping Forest She was studying Zoology until the war came and halted her studies and she came involved in helping her Grandfather raise homing pigeons, due to her Grandfather suffering with Arthritis They are part of the National Pigeon service When Bertie is called to the war office regarding a mission called Colombia were pigeons are used to carry information back and forth between enemy lines Because of Bertie s arthritic knees Sam goes instead on his behalf.Ollie from Maine is a crop duster on his parent s farm When a tragic accident kills his parents and the farm is taken over by the bank because of debt He has British linage in his family So, he decides that he want to flight for the RAF in the present war Without no money he manages to get on a ship and finds his way to Britain But an incident happens, and he gets on the wrong side of Flight Lieutenant Boar, he gets arrested Instead of flying he manages to meet Sam and Bertie and it is arrange...

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    Wow, this book is a true treasure One that will have readers talking for years In fact, I would actually put The Long Flight Home in the same category up there with The Book Thief by Markus Zusak This book is really that spectacular I absolutely loved this book Mr Hlad is a prolific storyteller The Long Flight Home is a five star recommended read Bertie and Ollie were great characters The book is told from their points of view So their voices really stood out Yet, they were so engaging and very likeable that it was easy to become very in tune to their stories I have read some informati0n about birds being used during the war to help relay coded messages So I was familiar with this concept but I had not read the story that inspired this book The one where a man renovating a house finds the remains of a bird with a tiny container and a coded message insi...

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    Goodreads First Reads Review Free Book from Kensington Publishing WWII Historical Fiction is a favorite genre and The Long Flight Home interested me because of its basis around the British using pigeons for intelligence work during the war Fascinating creatures, pigeons They look like a simple bird and are far from it Kudos to the author for taking on this little talked about war intelligence project in his first novel.Really, at the core, this is a sweet, romantic, novel about Ollie, an American wishing to join the RAF, and Susan, a British farm girl and pigeon trainer The story is easy and quickly read Not bad by any means The weakness in Hlad s debut novel is in its repetition of phrases, predictability, and rushed storytelling I ve read a lot of WWII novels and The Long Flight Home lacks the depth and grit that it needs to compete with many of its incredible predecessors in the genre Maybe I m judgmental when it comes to WWII fict...

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