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[Read] ➻ It Happens All the Time ➸ Amy Hatvany –

It Happens All the TimeBravely Sheds Light On Sexual Assault And Consent In Alternating Perspectives Friends Tyler And Amber Recount An Alcohol Fueled Night That Changed The Course Of Their Lives Us WeeklyFrom Master Storyteller Amy Hatvany Whose Writing Has Been Hailed As Gripping And Emotionally Honest Stephanie Evanovich, New York Times Betselling Author Comes A Provocative And Compelling Novel About Two Friends Whose Lives Are Changed By A Drunken Kiss I Want To Rewind The Clock, Take Back The Night When The World Shattered I Want To Erase Everything That Went Wrong.Amber Bryant And Tyler Hicks Have Been Best Friends Since They Were Teenagers Trusting And Depending On Each Other Through Some Of The Darkest Periods Of Their Young Lives And While Amber Has Always Felt That Their Relationship Is Strictly Platonic, Tyler Has Long Harbored The Secret Desire That They Might One Day Become Than Friends.Returning Home For The Summer After Her College Graduation, Amber Begins Spending Time With Tyler Than She Has In Years Despite The Fact That Amber Is Engaged To Her College Sweetheart, A Flirtation Begins To Grow Between Them One Night, Fueled By Alcohol And Concerns About Whether She S Getting Married Too Young, Amber Kisses Tyler.What Happens Next Will Change Them Forever.In Alternating Points Of View, It Happens All The Time Examines The Complexity Of Sexual Dynamics Between Men And Women And Offers An Incisive Exploration Of Gender Roles, Expectations, And The Ever Timely Issue Of Consent.

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    FULL REVIEWIf I m being completely honest, this is the hardest review I ve written to date I won this book courtesy of Amy back in October and it s been sitting on my shelf staring at me ever since I had every intention of picking it up and getting this bad boy reviewed by January 1, but everytime I reached for it the lump in my throat and throbbing in my stomach won out and I chose an easier read I m going to stop right here and preface two things 1 If you are wanting to go into this book completely blind though I m not sure how you would if you ve seen any marketing for it yet then stop right here I m not going to spoil the read, but I will be delving into the content matter a bit and wanted to give fair warning 2 If you have a rape trigger, I normally advise against reading rape related material, but if you ve ever been a victim of sexual assault I d highly encourage you to read this Hopefully it ll bring you some of the comfort you may never have received from your close ones at your lowest points Violators cannot live with the truth survivors cannot live without it Chrystine Oksana I m sitting here with tears streaming down my face and snot ...

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    My reviews can also be seen at HAPPENS ALL THE TIME is my first read from Amy Hatvany I m surprised it s taken me this long to find her I m certainly looking forward to reading from her after reading this novel This was an extremely engrossing read It s an honest and unflinching look at some important issues that desperately need addressing.Twenty four year old Amber and Twenty five year old Tyler are best friends Both have had their own personal struggles, and they have been there for each other for many years, helping each other throughout some of the roughest times in their lives.But one night everything changes for Amber and Tyler.their friendship and their lives will never be the same.The very first sentence grabbed me and didn t let go The story is told alternately from Amber and Tyler s perspectives The chapters alternate following two timelines, the past and the present With each chapter information about the night in question and their history is unveiled.IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME deals with many heavy issues Amy Hatvany is a fantastic writer and draws from personal experience in regards to some of the things addressed in this novel It s brutally honest, compelling, and almost impossible to put down I think that many necessary conversations could and should be started about these issues This truly was an excellent, emotional, ...

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    There s no doubt, regardless of your feelings for the topic at hand or the characters themselves, this is a thought provoking read at its core Amy Hatvany takes a bold step and strives to open a much needed conversation with a story told not only from the perspective of a woman who gets raped, but from her rapist Powerful in its prose, bringing light to the controversial topic of consent and victim blaming, it s unwavering in its delivery As a woman and a reader, I was a twisted knot of emotions, reflection and rivaling thoughts How is it that situations like this one continue to happen, all around us, with no consequences Diminished self worth, mental health issues and upbringing collide in a perfect storm of bad choices a night that ends with a rape It s easy to fall into the victim blaming trap, to question why was she acting that way why would she put herself in that situation what about her fianc why didn t she fight harder but, at the end of the day, is any of that an excuse for what Tyler did Do any of those things negate the fact that Amber said no or told him to stop in the heat of the moment Of course not Not in the slightest What compounds Amber s situation is the reality that...

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    4.5 StarsBold Formidable Raw Visceral It Happens All The Time tackles a subject that is hard to write about To be honest, I can barely form my thoughts about this book into words I wish this didn t happen all of the time But if we are being honest, it does And here, in this book, Amy Hatvany bravely brings this issue the forefront A young woman, Amber, is raped by her best friend, Tyler, after having known him since she was a teenager And he is the person she trust most in this world and she would never have imagined in a million years that he would harm her How does this happen It happens because you never know anyone as well as you think you know them or rather, you never know what anyone is capable of Amber and Tyler have been best friends for what seems like forever They met when they were both teenagers and bonded instantly Amber has only ever thought of Tyler as a friend, though Tyler has harbored romantic feelings for her for ages Years go by and Amber returns home after College, engaged Tyler is jealous but tries to hide it Their relationship returns to normal however. and one night they end up hanging out and having a little bit too much fun One thin...

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    For the subject matter alone and the attention brought to said subject, this book deserves a higher rating than that which I have given So them why is my rating lower So many reviewers are rating this higher and I once again find myself swimming upstream For the first part of the book I felt there was a decided lack of emotion, in telling of the beginning friendship of Tyler and Amber, Amber s medical and mental problems were quite significant, and yet I felt they were treated very matter of fact What happens is terrible, horrific, a supreme betrayal of trust, I acknowledge this but Tyler, who supposedly loves her shows little effect Doesn t seem distressed at all, just bugged me I don t think there has been a character in recent fiction, well obviously the killers in my mysteries, that I have despised than Tyler s father He is all things I dislike in a person, male or female Despicable, as a father and a man Didn t relate...

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    Amber and Tyler are best friends and have seen each other through some hard times They never really had friends outside one another but Tyler has always be in love with Amber who hasn t felt the same Tyler tries to accept this and be happy for her, especially when she comes home engaged after graduating college Yet as the two start spending time together that summer Amber s feelings seem to be changing Tyler once again hopes they will become than just friends until one night they go to a party and things change between them for good I m not sure if what I m going to talk about counts as a spoiler because I ve seen other reviews talk about it but if you don t want to know where the book goes just don t keep reading on from here While I really do commend the author for what she was trying to do here I had a problem with the whole situation that wouldn t seem to resolve itself in my mind If someone who is intoxicated can t give consent that how does what happen count as rape I do feel like as the plot goes Tyler gets and in the wrong but it does feel like a double standard to say Amber couldn t consent because she was intoxicated but Tyler was intoxicated as well so how much responsibility does he bare for the whole situation I really like when books bring up situations like this where things are ambiguous and I do think it s important to have books about these experiences I just had trouble buying that Tyler forced himself on Amber be...

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    4.5 stars This was an intense, thought provoking novel I was happy that I read this along with Brenda and Norma as it sparked a lot of deep conversation Highly recommended To see our full Traveling Sister Read review, please visit Norma and Brenda s fabulous book blog at

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    All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.comI have to start by wishing Amy the happiest of publication days today This is such a poignant, timely, relevant read and one that is vitally important This book is powerful, and it tackles uncomfortable and difficult subject matter, but one that society has ignored for far too long and I m giving Amy a standing ovation today for being brave and strong enough to tackle the ugly truth behind rape Rape Such an awful word, isn t it It conjures up pictures of masked assailants, strange perverts who get off on grabbing women from a dark alley or parking lot I know this happens, and I m not trying to trivialize it whatsoever, but did you know that seven out of ten rapes are committed by someone known to the victim The danger isn t necessarily lurking in the shadows, oftentimes it s been invited into your home or it s a loose acquaintance Seven out of ten Amber and Tyler have been best friends for years, they have a fantastic relationship and are as close as siblings Amber is the only child of over protective but extremely loving parents, and Tyler s parents are divorc...

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    Traveling Sisters Read Review by NORMA, BRENDA and LINDSAY4.5 stars rounded up to 5IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME by AMY HATVANY is a formidable, compelling, thought provoking, and a bold novel that explores the emotional side of a friendship torn apart after a tragic night spent drinking, leaving lives forever changed Exploring the fallout and betrayal of trust between friends AMY HATVANY delivers a brutally honest portrayal here of a subject matter that is hard to talk about The story unfolds in alternating points of view of our two main characters, Amber and Tyler, which added credibility to the story and forces us to see both sides of their stories It switches time periods from before and after and gives us a backstory of their friendship which was somewhat confusing for us at the beginning until we understood the shifting time periods.Amber and Tyler are complex and well developed characters both with mental illnesses AMY HATVANY does a really good job with exploring, addressing, and following through with their mental health which was a very satisfying aspect of the story for us There was one part of the story that we all found to be a little over the top and felt it was done to add a dramatic e...

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    4.5 starsThe perfect choice for another Traveling sister read with Norma and Lindsay Very thought provoking read that created some really good discussions for us All of our Traveling Sister Reads Reviews can be found on our blog

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