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[Epub] ↠ SOS Alternatives to Capitalism Author Richard Swift –

SOS Alternatives to Capitalism With Capitalism Vulnerable And Out Of Step In The Wake Of Financial Crises This Book Investigates The Alternatives That Are On Offer Including Socialism, Anarchism, And Deep Ecology It Picks Its Way Through The Pockets Of Resistant Thinking And Emerges With Paths To Changing The World That Rest Less On Rigid Ideology Imposed From Above Than On Practical Transformation From Below.Richard Swift Is Former Editor Of New Internationalist Magazine And Author Of The No Nonsense Guide To Democracy In 2011, He Won The Daniel Singer Millenium Prize For An Original Essay Which Helps Further Socialist Ideas.

[Epub] ↠ SOS Alternatives to Capitalism  Author Richard Swift –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • SOS Alternatives to Capitalism
  • Richard Swift
  • 21 June 2018
  • 9781780261706

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    A chapter entitled Eco divide states It is now pretty obvious that both inequality and growth are built into the very DNA of the capitalist system Capitalism can never be about selling us less, living in a modest way, or reducing inequalities to allow us to share with our own societies let alone the planet as a whole in a sustainable fashion The me first ethics that underpin consumer culture are in sharp contradiction to the mutuality needed if we are to find a collective way to live lightly on the earth Some of Swift s recommendations prioritize the local in everything, downshift, reduce working hours, revitalize political life, lessen profit seeki...

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    If you re an old socialist like me, and haven t had a chance to think much about alternatives to capitalism that lie beyond the discredited dictatorship of the proletariat and the limited vision of social democracy, then here s a book for you.There s a radical future out there, a better society, an alternative to profit hungry neo liberalism And no, it doesn t involve violently overthrowing the state But, a...

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    I wanted to learn about viable alternatives and be inspired with a call to action from this book Instead it seemed to be mostly a rant about the inequalities and problems of our current s stream of economics and being very short on viable or implementable solutions The rebirth of the commons and a philosophy of degrowth are good starting points for discussion, and I would have likened a longer discussion on how to implement these ideas The author is cl...

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    Everyone should be reading this right now.

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    by Errol SharpeRichard Swift s book, SOS Alternatives to Capitalism, is a much needed antidote to the myriad of political clap trap that spouts from our daily newspapers and much of our left journalism which suggests that capitalism can be reformed and regulated in such a way that an ecological and economic disaster can be avoided Right of the bat, Swift speaks of species suicide in reference to what we are doing to the planet, which sets a tone of urgency that is carried throughout the book Swift says that we need alternatives to capitalism that go beyond economic change and points out that When our best natures are not suppressed, we can be loving, funny, carefree, courageous, thoughtful and capable of wondrous acts of generosity The implication clearly is that under capitalism such traits as greed, selfishness, individualism and meanness are promoted Capitalism thrives on them The former, not the latter, traits, must drive alternatives to capitalism Swift leads us on an exploration of our pre capitalist roots pointing to the historical reality of different ways of living without falling into the idealistic trait of simply glorifies the past Following Polanyi he points to an earlier time when the economy was embedded in, and thus in service to, the society This is in contrast to...

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    I enjoyed this book It is short but to the points It gives a good outline of various alternative systems There is I agree with than disagree First I don t agree when governments take over companies it is called socialism This is nationalizationI know what the author means when he says state socialism but I refer to this as state capitalism as I am of a libertarian socialist council communist impossibilist where the state is to be taken over through the ballot and then it will be done away with Right now I am most inclined toward World Socialism I would have liked the author to have given the reader on the World Socialist movement as this movement does give as to what they see true socialism looking like a moneyless, classless, stateless, exchange less society.Co ops are fine but they must compete with capitalism and also interact with capitalism in the money market Lastly let us say that, as the author states in the last chapter, a guaranteed minimum wage that allows all to live with food, clothing, shelter, etc But there are others that are given money for their work It would not be long before in equality would reign again as this system is nothing but ...

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