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Epub ❤ A Voyage for Madmen Author Peter Nichols –

A Voyage for MadmenOn April 22, 1969 Three Months Before Neil Armstrong S Walk On The Moon The World Watched As A Small Sailboat Came Ashore At Falmouth, England, Completing A Voyage Of Astonishing Courage And Endurance That Would Forever Alter Our Ongoing Adventure With The Sea Ten Months Earlier, Nine Very Different Men Had Set Off In Small And Ill Equipped Boats, Determined To Do The Impossible Sail Around The World Alone And Without Stopping, To Win The Race Dubbed The Golden Globe Only One Of The Nine Would Cross The Finish Line To Fame, Wealth, And Glory For The Others, The Rewards Would Be Despair, Madness, And Death.The Men Were Inspired By Sir Francis Chichester, Who Had Become A National Hero In Britain For Stopping Only Once In Australia While Sailing Alone Around The World Suddenly What Had Seemed Impossible To Circumnavigate The World Alone And Nonstop Now Appeared Within Reach For Nine Driven Men Among Them Robin Knox Johnston, A Young Merchant Marine Captain Bernard Moitessier, A French Mystic Donald Crowhurst, A Brilliant, Troubled Electrical Engineer And Chay Blyth, An Army Sergeant Who Had Rowed Across The Atlantic In 1966 But Did Not Know How To Saila Gauntlet Had Been Thrown Down, A Challenge They Found Themselves Overwhelmingly And Inexplicably Compelled To Accept.Though The Golden Globe Race Was The Progenitor Of And Inspiration For The Vendee Globe And The Race Of The Millennium, Its Participants Had In Common With Captain Cook And Ferdinand Magellan Than With Today S High Tech Sailor There Was No Satellite Navigational System, No Onboard Computer, No Cell Phone Or Fax Line Connecting Them To The World Beyond Or To Possible Rescuers They Survived On Their Wits And Ingenuity, Navigating By Sextant, Sun, And Stars Their Most Sophisticated Technology When It Worked Was A Radio.A Voyage For Madmen Is A Remarkable Story Of Individuals Against The Sea, Of Men Driven By Their Dreams And Demons To Live For Months On End In A Cabin Roughly The Size Of A Volkswagen To Succeed They Must Endure The Harshest Of Weather Stave Off Unimaginable Loneliness In The Forbidding Southern Ocean Navigate Unassisted Through The World S Most Treacherous Waters Off The Cape Of Good Hope And Cape Horn And, Time And Again, Face Alone Those Fateful Moments When A Single Decision Could Mean The Difference Between Life And Death.With A Novelist S Eye For Detail And A Seaman S Knowledge Of The Joys And Perils Of Blue Water, Peter Nichols Has Crafted A Classic Tale Of Endurance And Adventure A Fitting Chronicle Of How These Obsessed Sailors, In Their Puny And Inadequate Boats, Undertook The Last Great Maritime Featand How, One By One, The Sea Cut Them Down.

Epub ❤ A Voyage for Madmen Author Peter Nichols –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • A Voyage for Madmen
  • Peter Nichols
  • English
  • 20 February 2018
  • 9780060197643

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    This was the first 10 star book of 2017 What would make anyone want to sail around the world single handed and without stopping In 1968 The Sunday Times put up a prize of 5,000 and the Golden Globe trophy to the first person to make it back.Nine men took up the challenge One of them, Chay Blythe, couldn t even sail, but had rowed across the Atlantic Only one of them, as it turned out, was up to the challenge, and he didn t want the prize So what happened to the nine men Four dropped out before leaving the Atlantic Chay Blythe got to the Cape of Good Hope before retiring One, Crowhurst committed suicide having faked his log of pretending to sail and was obviously mentally ill Another, Nigel Tetley, in sight of the prize almost, sank That left two men The man in the lead, Bernard Moitessier decided it was all too commercial and not good for his spiritual self and so turned around and headed to Tahiti, another 10,000 miles That left Robin Knox Johnson, the only finisher who won both the Golden Globe and the money which he donated to Crowhurst s family.Despite the awful results of ...

  2. says:

    Absolutely fantastic book Nine men six English, two French, and one Italian endeavour to single handedly sail nonstop round the world Only one man returns If you want to know what happened, you ll have to read the book I highly recommend it They were neither sportsmen nor yachtsmen On...

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    They were neither sportsmen nor yachtsmen Only one of the nine crossed the finishing line after ten months at sea The rest encountered despair, sublimity, madness and death The 1968 round the world yacht race was born from a number of individual plans to conduct a non stop single handed circumnavigation of the world The Sunday Times wanted to be involved but was unsure who to sponsor as they did not want to be involved with a sailor who did not win and two of the most likely to succeed already had dealsanswer sponsor a race two prizes one for the first passed the post circumnavigation and the other the fastest Few rules and certainly no minimum qualifications or standards led to a mix of men putting their names forward The Sunday Times Golden Globe Race non stop, single handed, round the world yacht race was born.What followed was a fascinating and rather old fashioned European approach to doing something because it is there to be done The men who stepped forward were a real mix of personalities, experiences, and backgrounds six Englishmen, two Frenchmen and one Italian.Old fashioned because this is the age prior to corporate sponsorship, media managers, dietary expertise and of course modern communications such as GPS, mobile satellite phones and carbon fibr...

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    Disclaimer I am a sailor who has sailed in heavy weather, and thus I have than average interest in this book others may not find it as fascinating as I did Round the World There is much in that sound to inspire proud feelings but whereto does all that circumnavigation conduct Only through numberless perils to the very point whence we started So said Ishmael in Moby Dick Since I had already read Bernard Moitessier s book, The Long Way La Longue Route , I knew about the Golden Globe Race of 1968 Nichols depiction of the contestants only makes Bernard Moitessier appealing as a sailor and a man Moitessier was a character, but also a man of high integrity, and with a few exceptions, those who got to know him well, loved the man He probably suffered from depression and or bipolar syndrome, but he was fearless and without peer as a sailor, as he was in his determination to be first around the world single handed, unassisted And he was first, in a sense He crossed his outbound track in the South Atlantic i.e., he had circumnavigated , and then he gave up the race, choosing to sail from the Atlantic back to Tahiti via the Cape of ...

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    The true story of the first single handed circumnavigation of the world by yacht That means, a full circuit of the world, alone On a boat powered only by sail In a time not so long ago, but before GPS.In 1968 there were a handful of men vying to be the first alone around the world, and a prize was posted, making it a race Of nine contenders, only one finished the race, and this is the story of all the noble, rugged, hapless and crazy entrants, and the extremes they underwent and went to It s a very tense, suspenseful read, and the author manages the very difficult feat of telling nine concurrent stories quite masterfully People who set out to conquer these firsts of adventure have a streak of crazy alrea...

  6. says:

    I read this book because A a teacher told me it was his favorite, and I always read teachers favoritesand B because I was sorely lacking something to read at the moment.I knew NOTHING about sailing I still know nothing about sailing, nor do I plan to change this state of events anytime soon So, when I first checked it out from the library, I fully expected to be hopelessly bored within the first twenty pages, if not bogged down by the sheer nautical terminology, of which I was so ignorant Well, twenty pages went byand I was still reading Well, I thought, the next twenty will probably be unbearable Then the next twenty went by.then the next twentythen the nextand before I knew, I was finished And, what is still miraculous, I had ENJOYED the thing In ...

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    Mankind, In ExtremisI had never known such a thing as single handed sailing existed until, some years back, I visited a small museum in Newport, RI, devoted to the pursuit I don t recall anything in the museum about this event, which took place in 1968 69, though no doubt there was at least a mention of it if not quite a substantial display Long a fan of true adventure and survival tales, I picked up this book some time back, began it and then set it aside Some interior compass steered me in another direction But when I recently picked up the book again, I found that it was precisely what I wanted to read and that it exceeded my expectations Right book for the right time has long been a personal reading mantra I will forgo the details and avoid possible spoilers in this review Others do it quite admirably elsewhere, including on this site From the beginning of the book I decided, and suggest that future readers do likewise, not to look up the results of the race in advance, though it becomes fairly clear in...

  8. says:

    Peter Nichols has put together a great little book on the 1969 Golden Globe race to be the first man to single handedly circumnavigate the globe without stopping in any ports along the way A Voyage for Madmen gives a great overview of the race and varying personalities involved from professional maritime men to vagabond sailors to one contestant who didn t even learn to sail until he was on his way Only one person completed the race.I ve read other accounts of the race including the excellent The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst and Moitessier s The Long Way which are fantastic accounts themselves and perhaps slightly enjoyable.Nichols book excels in by providing a good description of everyone in the race He is interested in the technical differences between the competitors boats and their tactics for dealing with the Roaring Forties than providing particularly deep character studies However, it s a nice overview of the race and the people involved and makes for ...

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    Die Vend e Globe gilt als die h rteste Segelregatta der Welt Dabei k nnen sich die Sportler heutzutage auf GPS, Hightech Yachten und gute Kommunikation verlassen.Davon konnten die Teilnehmer des Sunday Times Golden Globe Race , der ersten Nonstop Einhand Weltumsegelungsregatta im Jahr 1968, nur tr umen In A Voyage for Madmen rekonstruiert Peter Nichols die Geschichte von neun M nnern, die auszogen das letzte gro e Abenteuer der Erde zu erleben Doch zehn Monate sp ter sollte nur einer von Ihnen die Ziellinie erreichen W hrend ihn Reichtum, Ruhm und Ehre erwartete, blieb f r die anderen nur die Niederlage, Wahnsinn und Tod Einmal um die Welt segeln Klingt f r den Laien nach einem sch nen Rentnertraum Aber ganz so einfach ist es wohl nicht Denn wenn man nicht durch den Panamakanal segelt, sondern vorbei an den drei Kaps Kap der Guten Hoffnung, Kap Leeuwin, Kap Hoorn erwarten einen am 40 Breitengrad die Roaring Forties Winde, die aus westlicher Richtung kommen und h ufig zu heftiger Sturmst rke auflaufen Sie Sorgen f r hohen Seegang und Regen und verlangen Einhand Seglern und Booten alles ab Neben der k rperlichen Fitness ben tigt der Weltumsegler aber vor allem menta...

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    The first non stop, single handed, round the world yacht race, was Like the first ascent of Everest, a feat without any larger purpose than its own end But like a trip to the moon, it was a voyage that provided man with another benchmark of the far reach of his yearning endeavor The race was nothing like today s well funded, meticulously organized Vendee Globe or BOC Challenge For a start, the rules were written as many of the competitor were already planning on undertaking the project The organization of the race by the Sunday Times transformed what some saw as a spiritual quest into a commercial venture But that doesn t mean it was a well organized one one of the competitors had never sailed before Another, prepped his boat for long after the starting deadline Anchored outside of a port in England, he was technically departed The inefficacy of radio systems in those days meant communication with the competitors was scant positions would be many times discovered only when the boats closed with the shore Certainly, the most amazing aspect of the book is the attention given to the competitors, and their lives and thoughts as they undertook what Knox Johnston, the eventual winner, described as solitary confinement with the hardest of labor Why did they do it Of course, each will have his own reason for Knox Johnston, it w...

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