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[Ebook] ➨ Ricochet Author J.A. Jaken –

RicochetThe Sanctuary Of The House Of Silence Is Shattered When An Influential Client Presents Master Charon With An Ultimatum, Plunging Him And His Beautiful Young Men Into A Nightmare Of Reprisals, Forcing Them To Fight For Their Lives, Their Sanity, And Their Right To Exist What Secret Threatens The Governments Of Two Countries They Will Have To Work Together To Unlock The Secrets Buried Deep In The House S Past And Survive The Forces Aligning Against Them.

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    This is an excellent wrap up to the House of Silence HOS book one, picking up immediately from the cliffhanger ending and unfolding with fast paced, unrelenting tension The HOS is under siege by an evil, wicked, dastardly rat assed bastard of a bad guy who wants one of our rent boys at any cost We ve grown to love all the guys who work for the House and it is unfathomable that any hurt should come to any of them To say any would be to give away too much, but be assured that this is a well written piece of steamy erotica it has ...

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    This picked up right where Volume One ended It was chuck full of action and suspense However, the plot did get a little drawn out and far fetched towards the middle I love all these characters, so I m ignoring that part Vincent and Aburon are still my favorite The connection between them is so freakin intense They better be in the next book One of the most touch...

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    I enjoyed this series tremendously The word I keep wanting to use to describe it is romp although it s too dark for that, really It is pretty heavy in partsthere is some very nasty non con and bdsm scenes that would hardly be called play.I suppose what was really missing for me in this second book was character development I love it most when I get to spend time in a character s head and because there are so many in this story, and so much going on, there wasn t enough of an emotional connection for me to give this 5 stars So what it is is one twisted, hot, action packed romp involving some vulnerable, scarred, interesting inhabitants of the bordello I loved the hurt comfort themes, and that by the end, these men from disparate backgrounds have found a sense of belonging and family Yes, there were many sex scenes and, f...

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    I liked it, I did, but I don t know It isn t a romance per se I liked all the characters, I loved the setting And the book galloped along a fair pace and kept me interested I just didn t love it But I did like it

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    Please check out my review for both books

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    4.5 STARSThis is quite an interesting series, I m not usually a huge fan of books that are based around a lot of sex and I mean a LOT of sex but this is about a Bordello called The House of Silence Reputed to be the best in the world, so it s necessary I m also not a big fan of BDSM either but it hold it s place very well in this series too The end of book one was a bit much but set the MC s bonds in place for the ride book two takes off at The MC s are numerous, which is something I ve always LOVED with a good book Having 5 6 MC s is fundamental to make this series work and it s done with great balance through excellent writing and excellent plots that are numerous You must pay attention while reading these books It s hard to describe the genre through, aside from erotica and BDSM I d also put edgy thriller in that mix too, they re excellent thrillers, especially this one Ricochet There is only one thing I don t like and that s because it s not really explained, so it kind of make it a little pointless to go to the trouble without an explanation in my opinion It s not strictly UF but they re not fantasy either I didn t realise this until all the countries and location were made up but it s equivalent to how we live but I don t get that It really has no effect on the book as it s rarely mentioned but it wasn t necessary unless there s an explanation coming Don t let that put you off though This book was an excellent erotic thrille...

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    To use Reiji s words, one of the boys at the House of Silence It s quite the story It s got action, intrigue, and a lot of people doing a lot of stupid, ridiculously brave things to try to save the day Nonetheless, the second part of HoS The House at war felt a bit random at times and wordy Also, the plot seriously lost momentum somewhere in between all the running from one place to the next And let s be honest Much like Vol 1, this book was saved by the very nicely done sex scenes And Vincent and Aburon s scenes were by far the best for me so intense and deliciously wicked and beautifully written When a slave submitted through his own free will, fully cognizant both of what he was offering and what he was getting in return, that was when the magic truly happened It was the choice...

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    I m really glad I had both Volumes to read because I would have hated to have to wait for this one since Volume 1 ended on a cliff hanger.I was surprised at how different the two volumes seemed though Vol 1 was sexy and introduced you to all the main characters We got partial back stories, enough to make things mysterious Towards the end we get the conflict and our main characters in peril.Vol 2 had much plot and action than sex, although there is plenty of sex Since books don t traditionally come with warnings the way fanfiction does, I ll warn about it here there is a graphic rape scene and a second, graphic dub non con scene If you ever wonder what the difference is between rape and non con, this book has a pretty good example.Vol 2 felt like an end to their story but I know there is another volume being edited so I look forward to seeing how the story continues There is also a recently released prequel which is the inte...

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    Volume 2 offers a good continuation of Volume 1, with continued erotica, gratuitous violence, and sex.However, the plot really develops in this book and everything comes together None of the characters really seems that intricate, except the House of Silence itself It is a lovely world and a fun combination of caste and modernity But the one dimensional characters would stop it working as a non magical epic fantasy novel Breaking up the plot with lots of hot sex and violence makes it a fun read as an erotic novel I think if the characters had been differentiated, consistent in their pers...

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    This is the follow up to the first book and takes off exactly where it left off This book switched gears from the first and turns into of an action suspense book as they try to keep Vincent from the bad guys with mixed results The sex in this one takes a darker turn with alot non consent and all out rape that just didn t appeal to me The end was some what of a shock and there were some nice fuzzy feelings but I just had a hard time switching from the laid back erotic first book to the actio...

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