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[Reading] ➶ Witchy Business: Under His Spell\Disenchanted?\Spirit Dance ➽ Julie Leto –

Witchy Business: Under His Spell\Disenchanted?\Spirit DanceCASE FILE 1 Regina St Lyon S Powers Have Been Waning.Maybe She Did Betray Love, But What Else Coulda Duped Girl Do At The Time, Banishing Hotter Than Thou Brock Aegis To The Middle Realmseemed Like A Good Idea But Now Brock Is Back.CASE FILE 2 Benedict DeWin Is Practically Wizard Royalty And As Magically Gifted As A Stale Loaf Of Bread.But Then He Meets Bryony Flynn, Another Magical Failure Whose Only Gift Is To Make Certainthings Grow Not That Benedict Is ComplainingCASE FILE 3 Born To A Family Of Seers And Shamans, Siobhan Silverhawk Has Accepted Her Magiclesslifestyle But When She Meets Recent Widower J B Pendleton, Siobhan Figures She Has Magic Enough To Make A Love Potion Which Seems Tohave Worked A Little Too Well

[Reading] ➶ Witchy Business: Under His Spell\Disenchanted?\Spirit Dance ➽ Julie Leto –
  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • Witchy Business: Under His Spell\Disenchanted?\Spirit Dance
  • Julie Leto
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
  • 9780373837168

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➶ Witchy Business: Under His Spell\Disenchanted?\Spirit Dance ➽ Julie Leto –

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    An anthology of three short stories Genre Paranormal romance Under His Spell by Julie Leto The mythology was way too complicated for such a short story The prose was way too purple And there was sex and moaning and horniness than plot Ick I mean, when you are about to slay your arch nemesis and you get all hot and bothered and almost start moaning aloud just because your partner is standing next to you, then there s just something majorly wrong with you Disenchanted by Rhonda Nelson Better, but still no cigar I loved the relationship between Ben and his sister Vivi and the story itself was rather funny but Bryony s I ve only read about you but I know you and I love you and I m totally and absolutely sure that you would love me too attitude smacked of a rabid fangirl Spirit Dance by Mia Zachary The best story in this book Some nice Native American folklore It wasn t just about sex this time and Siobhan and John actually knew each ...

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    WITCHY BUSINESS is a collection of three witch paranormal romances These stories are connected by a clinic for dysfunctional witches, the Magecraft Treatment Center, for those who have either lost or not gained their powers due to love denied, love repressed, or love rejected.

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    Three short stories all set in Sedona, Arizona Sedona is considered of the occult and these stories are concerned with witches coming into their powers and a rehab center to help them.The stories are light fantasy and easy reading.

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    Siobhan Silverhawk J B Pendleton

  5. says:

    Trashy paranormal romance Perfect summer reading if you want to just relax and shut your brain off for a while.

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    Definitely going to check to see if these authors have stories in this series I love witchy tales.

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    A little slow, but some delightful romance and science fiction fantasy.

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