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!!> Reading ➳ The European World: A History ➬ Author Jerome Blum –

The European World: A HistoryPrefaceThe Emergence Of The European WorldThe Heritage Of The European World The Legacy Of Ancient Civilization The Birth Of Europe Medieval Civilization In Its Prime The Crisis Of The Medieval Order Economic Change And The Expansion Of Europe The Great Depression Of The Later Middle Ages The Rise Of Modern Capitalism The Great Discoveries Overseas Expansion The Feedback To EuropeThe Renaissance The Renaissance In Italy Italian Humanism Italian Art The Northern Renaissance Renaissance Science The Politics Of The Renaissance Political Theory Italian Politics The Rise Of The Nation States The Italian Wars Reformations, Protestant And Catholic The Eleventh Hour Of The Medieval Church Luther And The German Reformation The Swiss Reformation And The Rise Of Calvinism The Reformation In England The Catholic Reformation The Age Of Reformation The Empire Of Charles V The Wars Of Religion In France The Spanish Predominance Elizabethan EnglandThe Borderlands Of Europe The Creation Of The Russian State Poland To 1660 Scandinavia To 1660 The Ottoman Empire To 1656 Social, Intellectual, And Cultural Dynamism, 1500 1600 Society And Social Dynamics The Scientific Revolution Political Theory The Baroque The Age Of Crisis, 1600 1660 Absolutist Solution The Thirty Years War The Decline Of Spain The Reconstruction Of France The Emergence Of Absolutism Absolutism Versus Oligarchy England The Dutch EpublicEngland S Constitutional Crisis Another Protestant Republic The Rise Of The Dutch Republic The Flowering Of Dutch Culture Absolutism, Enlightenment, And Revolution The Pinnacle Of French Absolutism I Am The State Absolutism In Economics And Religion French Predominance Cultural Glory Of France Absolutism In Austria, Spain, And Prussia The Rise Of The Austrian Hapsburgs The Rise Of The Spanish Bourbons The Rise Of Hohenzollern Prussia Frederick The Great Of Prussia Absolutism And Oligarchy In The East Russia Becomes A Great Power The Decline And Disappearance Of Poland Scandinavia The Ottoman Empire Constitutionalism And Oligarchy In The West The Dutch Oligarchy Triumph Of The English Oligarchy The Augustan Age Of English Oligarchy Dutch And British Oligarchy Beset Wealth, War, And Empire Power And Plenty The Policies Of Economic Nationalism Europe Overseas Colonies And Commerce Dynastic And Imperial Statecraft The American Revolution The Age Of Science The Scientific Community Of Intellect The Physical World The Psychic World The Social World The Enlightenment The Circles Of Enlightenment The Philosophies The Encyclopedists And The Progress Of Science Counter Enlightenment The Crisis Of Absolutism Enlightened Despotism The Failure To Renovate France France On The Eve Of Revolution The French Revolution The Coming Of The Revolution The Constitutional Monarchy The Republic Of Virtue Reaction And Irresolution Impact Of The French Revolution The Napoleonic Era Napoleon Bonaparte The Domestic Reformer The Empire Builder The Napoleonic Legacy The Zenith Of The European World Social Forces And Social Change Romanticism And Reaction The Vienna Settlement And The Concert Of Europe Romanticism In Literature And The Arts Romanticism In Philosophy, Politics, And Religion Restoration Politics TABLE OF CONTENTS The Rising Tide Of Revolution Revolutionary Currents Liberalism And Nationalism Revolution And Self Government In The Americas Romantic Revolution The Revolutions Of 1830 1834 Parliamentary Reform In Great Britain The Revolution In Economic Life The Rise Of Modern Industry Early Industrialism In Europe And America Social Aspects Of Early Industrialism Economic Liberalism, Laissez Faire, And Free Trade Revolution At Floodtide Contrasting Liberalisms In The West The Growth Of Social Protest The Revolution Of 1848 In France Other Revolutionary Movements The Realist Reaction Ebb Tide Of Revolution, 1848 1851 Realism In Literature And The Arts The Progress Of Science The Warfare Of Science With Theology Materialism And Positivism The Politics Of Power Napoleon III And The Second French Empire The Risorgimento And Italian Unity Foundations Of German Unity The Clash Of Power In North America The Watershed Of 1867 1871 The Spread Of Modern Industry Technological Bases Of The New Industrialism Business Organization And The World Market System National Economic Styles Organized Labor And The Revival Of Socialism Democratic Reform And Social Strife The Triumph Of Democracy In Britain The Third French Republic The Second German Reich The Lesser States Of Western Europe Three Decaying Empires Russia Austria The Multinational Empire The Ottoman Empire The Indian Summer Of European Culture Fin De Siecle Literature And Art Positivism And Its Critics The New Revolution In Science European Society At The End Of Its Golden Age The Revival Of Western Imperialism The Second British Empire The Opening Of Asia The Partition Of Africa Interpretations And Perspectives Diplomacy, Militarism, And War The Diplomatic ShuffleFrom The Eastern Question To The Balkan Wars The First World WarThe Twentieth Century From Western Civilization To World Civilization Disintegration And Collapse The Russian Revolution The Peace Of Paris And Its Aftermath Economic Disintegration And Collapse Liberal Attempts At Reconstruction The League Of Nations And Collective Security The Weimar Republic In Germany The Democracies Of Western Europe The United States New Era And New Deal Authoritarian Attempts At Reconstruction Communism In Russia Fascism In Italy Nazism In Germany Other Authoritarian Regimes The Common Elements The Second World War The Origins Of Totalitarian Aggression Blitzkrieg Pearl Harbor And The War In The Pacific The Grand Alliance The Aftermath Of War Exhausted Victors Defeated Enemies The Fate Of Eastern Europe The United Nations Divided Allies The End Of Western Hegemony New Nationalisms The Chinese Revolutions The Emergence Of Independent Africa Latin America In Ferment The Struggle For A New World Order Recovery And Reintegration In Western Europe The Atlantic Alliance Communism After Stalin Birth Pangs Of World Civilization Tendencies Of Twentieth Century Civilization Science, Technology, And Industry Social Trends The Arts In Twentieth Century Civilization The European Mind In The Twentieth Century The Emergence Of World CivilizationChronologyA Reading ListIndex

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