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[Ebook] The Deputy and the Rock Star By Karly Germain –

The Deputy and the Rock Star One Thing That Annoyed Deputy Sheriff Mitchell Bartlett Was Outsiders Coming Into His Small Corner Of Wyoming Upsetting His Routine He Didn T Count On A Party Loving Rock Star To Complicate His Life.Drago Denison, Borrowing A Luxury Cabin From A Fellow Celebrity, Dragged His Partygoers Into The Wilds Of Southwestern Wyoming For A Debauched Weekend When Mitchell Shows Up At His Door Due To A Complaint About The Noise, Drago Is Stunned By The Enticing Vision Of Rugged, Handsome Male Standing Before Him.The Men Are Attracted To Each Other, And Agree To One Weekend Of Passion Before Returning To Their Own Lives How Can Two Men From Different Lifestyles Find Common Ground And Accept How They Feel Or Will The Deputy And The Rock Star Deny True Love

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    A Hearts On Fire ReviewTHREE A HALF STARS Karly Germain s debut story, The Deputy and the Rock Star is a quick little number featuring love between a straightlaced mostly straight deputy and a free loving, tattooed, bisexual rock star Though this story is part of Evernight Publishing, Romance on the Go series, it packed an slightly above average punch Therefore instalove should be expected.Somehow, this instalove was palatable Believable gives the side eye For the context of the story, I ll point to yes I would read from this author For the length of the story, it wasn t bad and gave a satisfiable HEA ending.Mitchell has only had one gay experience in his teens and is now almost forty, so his internal struggles for the mutual attraction he and Drago share was plausible And Drago was a rocker without trying too hard, which what I usually look for when reading romances featuring musicia...

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    This was a cute, very short story about what happens when opposites attract The author took the concept and ran with it because a deputy sheriff in southwestern Wyoming and a California beach bum turned rock star are about as opposite as you can get.Mitch is thirty eight and has been the sheriff s deputy for fifteen years Looking ahead at his own prospects has led him to run against the sheriff in the upcoming reelection He s had some serious girlfriends over the years, slept with a lot of women, and when he was nineteen he and his best friend spent the night having sex which ended their friendship Mitch just chalked it up to curiosity and experimentation until he meets Drago and is insanely attracted to him Spending time with Drago has Mitch realizing it s not just physical attraction, but his emotional self is becoming involved, too.Drago is thirt one and the famous rock star lifestyle is starting to grow old He doesn t even know why he bothered to borrow his friend s cabin for the weekend Drago hates the cold, the outdoors, and the snow Meeting up with the sexy deputy might just give Drago the change of pace he s been looking for Drago had no idea it wouldn t just be a change of pace, but he would fall in love with the gorgeous deputy.This was a sweet, fun, sexy story It was a little extreme in some areas, but consideri...

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    After reading some reviews I almost chickened out and deleted this book from my kindle without even giving it a try, but decided against it Well, it wasn t as bad as I feared The infamous menage with girly bits had happened off page thankfully I don t like GFY and bi characters in mm books, but here it s been done okay and didn t irritate me too much I liked the beginning, but then suddenly the rock star guy suddenly decided he s sick of orgies and started spouting off ban...

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    Unrealistic story about a slutty bi sexual Rock singer who suddenly decided he is sick of orgies and fall in love with a straight Sheriff deputy, and decided to settle down and be faithful for the first time in his life.pleaseeeeee rolling my eyes.

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    I don t always mind girly bits in the beginning of m m stories Especially stories involving bisexual rock stars I even understand the reason for them here, as the whole party scene was the set up for Drago s reformation from player to monogamist.What I do mind is how graphically the meaningless sex party scene was portrayed in such a short story.I completely confess to being a sappy fluff lover, so this is likely 100% just my issues But I ...

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    Reviewed by MelissaBook provided by the publisherOriginally posted at Romancing the BookThe Deputy and the Rock Star by Karley Germain is not part of a series by the author but it is in a series called Romance on the Go by the publisher, Evernight This series Romance on the Go is a series of short stories that are good to read where every you go I chose this book because I have not read this author before.Mitchell Bartlett is a Deputy Sheriff is a small Wyoming town He is called out to a loud noise complaint and meets Rock Star Drago Denison The chemistry between both Mitchell and Drago at first sight is blistering They are a good match Mitchell makes Drago want to be a better person and settle down, while Drago makes Mitchell comfortable in his own skin The sex scenes were off the charts.This book was well written and it was hard to tell this book was only 41 pages long It had well defined beginning, middle and end The characters were...

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    This was short, sweet, and fairly enjoyable My main problem was the insta love, though, which was almost too much for even me and I usually don t have much of a problem with it Everything happened very fast They had barely known each other for a day, and yet the MCs ...

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    I m being generous The insta love doesn t normally bother me but it did in this short novella It was TOO insta considering the characters, etc I also didn t like the meaningless menage It felt nasty Disappointed with this one

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    I was pleasantly surprised by The Deputy and the Rockstar As far as romance on the go and similar types of books, this was well written and the insta love which is sorta unavoidableto reach a HEA with a word count so low was nicely as the guys didn t immediately get together.

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    I would love an update for this book where are they now in the relationship.

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