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[Epub] ↠ Night Tide (Blake Sanders, #2) Author Michael W. Sherer –

Night Tide (Blake Sanders, #2) Blast From The Past Blake Sanders Thought He Left His Midwestern Past Behind When He Went To The University Of Washington On A Basketball Scholarship Than 20 Years Earlier But Keely Radcliffe Drags It Back Into The Present When She Shows Up On Blake S Stoop One Morning To Ask For His Help Back Then, Keely S Sister Was Killed In A Lab Explosion On A University Campus In Southern Illinois.Blake S Best Friend Perry Langford Was Arrested And Convicted Of Murder For Setting The Charge, But Langford Always Maintained His Innocence, Claiming Someone Else Blew Up The Building Not Even Blake Knows What Really Happened, And He Was There This Is A Secret He S Kept All This Time Now Langford Is Out Of Prison, And He S Gunning For All Those He Holds Responsible For His 20 Year Stint In Jail, Including Blake.A Week Later, Blake S Cop Friend Charlie Invites Him To A Backyard Barbecue At His Folks House Masked Gunmen Burst In On The Festivities Before The Two Of Them Can Even Open A Beer Charlie And Blake Manage To Hold Off The Marauders, But Charlie Is Wounded And When The Smoke Clears, Charlie S Parents Have Vanished.Events Begin To Snowball, Putting Blake On The Run From Both The Shooters And Langford, His Childhood Friend Blake Realizes They Are All Related Soon The FBI And Even Naval Intelligence Officer Reyna Chase Are On His Tail, Too Whoever Planted The Bomb 20 Years Ago Is Cleaning Up Loose Ends, And The Prize They Re Still Seeking After All This Time A Revolutionary Battery Design Is Worth A Fortune, Even Worth Selling Out One S Own Country And Killing For.

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    I received a free paperback copy of this book from the author, this has not compromised my ability to write an honest and critical review of the book.1 12 The above generic disclaimer that I use for all books that I receive free from the publisher or author doesn t tell the whole story I actually requested this book from Netgalley before I made the leap and bought a Kindle to read my many eBooks on I was previously stubbornly sticking it out trying to read them on my laptop, not how I recommend reading an eBook unless you have no other choice I bit off a little than I could chew, request wise, when I first found Netgalley, and ended up with way books than I could manage before the archive dates cut me off For those of us who went to Kindle reading willing, if you read Netgalley books on Adobe Digital Editions on your laptop remember, no Kindle for me in those days you don t get to keep the book once the archive date passes, they become no longer available, like an eBook borrowed from the library I posted a short review explaining why I hadn t read the book and therefore couldn t rate or review it and thought nothing further of it, until I received an email from Mike offering me a free copy of Night Tide and an ARC of the newest...

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    I received this book from NetGalley in return for a review I was not paid for this review, nor required to post a positive review.I really enjoyed this one Blake Sanders suffers from ADHD, his son recently committed suicide, he lost his job and divorced his wife, and is now working two somewhat menial jobs washing dishes in the evening and delivering newspapers at night to make ends meet He s no hero, just a regular guy Oh yeah, he used to play basketball, but had to have a hip replacement due to a bone disease So he doesn t exactly blend into a crowd.This is the second book in a series, but can be read as a standalone novel I had not read the first one Night Blind , but went back and bought it after I read Night Tide so that I could have the benefit of the backstory.There s a lot of stuff going on in this book, but I felt that the author handled the multiple sto...

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    Blake Sanders and best friend Perry Langford were up to mischief once again But Blake didn t want to join Perry when he went into the laboratory on the university campus to borrow some items he needed Blake decided to keep a watch out So it was that in the middle of that night, with the darkness complete, Blake and Perry s lives changed the explosion made sure of that.Twenty years later and Blake didn t think about those days all that often He didn t know that Perry had been released from prison until he was informed Langford was out to get revenge on everyone involved, including Blake For Langford had claimed he was innocent right from the beginning did Blake know what had really happened When policeman friend Charlie invited Blake to his parents house for a barbeque one weekend, they hadn t even opened their first beer when all hell broke loose Holding off the black clad masked gunmen, both Charlie and Blake thought their days were numbered, but when it was all over, Charlie was the one with a bul...

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    Blake summed the story up himself very well here in this quote Keely Radcliffe shows up out of nowhere and asks me to find my old pal Wink Langford because he might have spent twenty plus years in jail for something he didn t do,only I find out Winks after Charlie s parents, and, oh by the way, so is Keely leave out a few spoilers here.Plus come to think of it, I m wanted by the FBI If you like your novels to be well researched and believable you will be happy with this one Every detail was explained and obviously well researched.This was the second book in the series However, pre events were well explained so you knew exactly what was going on.A lot of characters were introduced at the beginning of the story which was a bit confusing but I soon got used to who was who.The book is hard to read if you have a lot of distractions around you and I have many and I had to keep backtracking to understand what was going on in the story I found this made the story a bit too long for me.This is a novel full of intrigue and danger Blakes ADHD was handled well during the story.I didn t feel a connection with any of the characters Blake was annoying in that he was so self centred but then again maybe that was part of his ADHD When I thought about which characters I actually liked in the novel the two that came to mind were Perry Langford ...

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    Free book for free reviewBlake Sanders is trying to live his life He works two jobs, delivering papers and washing dishes Blake just tries to get thru living life one day at a time He is still dealing with his losing his son, being divorced and dealing with ADD.Blake has not thought about his life in the midwest since he left college Now, 20 years later his friend, Perry Langford, aka Wink, is now out of prison for causing an explosion and murder in a university lab Perry is released and soon comes up missing this is where Blake s life gets a little crazy Perry is seeking revenge and wants justice for all involved He is still claiming his innocence Not only is Perry looking for this justice so is Keely Radcliffe Keely knows Perry spent time for a crime he did not commit She, to is looking for justice Keely s sister was killed in that explosion and now its time for answers.As Keely shows up on Blake s door he gets tangled into a game of cat and mouse Answers do get answer...

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    This is a fast pace book from the beginning The main character is still trying to get his life in order from the last ordeal but people won t let him His best friend is being released from prison for a bombing that happen 25 years ago that he does not think his friend did He was outside that night when it happened but he has told no one, yet there are multiple people trying to kill him He survives all of the attacks and has to start to put the pieces together into what happened all of those years ago That puts him at odds with his best friend, his ex wife and just about anyone else that kno...

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    This is a thriller and a page turner with commandos, disgruntled FBI agents, unhappy exes, some American history from the 60 s and a very sought after revolutionary design worth killing for The plot is credible and well constructed with a myriad ...

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    Blake Sanders is a likeable main character, although a pretty confusing one A twenty year old murder comes back to haunt him as he was a witness and could have saved his friend from going to prison The en...

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    Night Tide is an awesome, fast paced page turner of a book It kept me up past my bedtime on than one occasion just to see what would happen next It is part of a series that I did not read the previous book of but it stands alone perfectly well.

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    Great story, flowed well This really kept my attention and I did not want to put it down This is the first book I have read by this author My I am looking for to read I won this book on Goodreads.

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