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[BOOKS] ✮ Simón Bolívar: A Life Author John Lynch –

Simón Bolívar: A LifeSimon Bolivar Was A Revolutionary Who Freed Six Countries, An Intellectual Who Argued The Principles Of National Liberation, And A General Who Fought A Cruel Colonial War His Life, Passions, Battles And Great Victories Became Embedded In Spanish American Culture Almost As Soon As They Happened This Is The First Major English Language Biography Of The Liberator In Half A Century John Lynch Draws On Extensive Research On The Man And His Era To Tell Bolivar S Story, To Understand His Life In The Context Of His Own Society And Times, And To Explore His Remarkable And Enduring Legacy The Book Illuminates The Inner World Of Bolivar, The Dynamics Of His Leadership, His Power To Command, And His Modes Of Ruling The Diverse Peoples Of Spanish America The Key To His Greatness, Lynch Concludes, Was Supreme Will Power And An Ability To Inspire People To Follow Him Beyond Their Immediate Interests, In Some Cases Through Years Of Unremitting Struggle Encompassing Bolivar S Entire Life And His Many Accomplishments, This Is The Definitive Account Of A Towering Figure In The History Of The Western Hemisphere.

[BOOKS] ✮ Simón Bolívar: A Life Author John   Lynch –
  • ebook
  • 349 pages
  • Simón Bolívar: A Life
  • John Lynch
  • 09 June 2018
  • 9781281735157

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    That he is so little known in North America obscures the fact that Simon Bolivar was like all our Founding Fathers rolled into one plus a winning general, which none of the Founding Fathers ever were And instead of liberating just one country, he liberated five Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia And when he had served his role as revolutionary and liberator, he turned to nation building It was there he finally failed.John Lynch s biography, Sim n Bol var A Life is a book of alternating triumph and tragedy Bolivar tried to do in one lifetime what was given to few men not even to Napoleon It was made even frustrating by the strange stew of races, climates, and topography that is the northwest of the South American continent Toward the end of his life dead at the age of 47 from tuberculosis , Bolivar wrote You know that I have ruled for twenty years, and from these I have derived only a few certainties 1 America is ungovernable, for us 2 Those who serve a revolution plough the sea 3 the only thing one can do in America is to emigrate 4 This country will fall inevitably into the hands of the unbridled masses and then pass almost imperceptibly into the hands of petty tyrants, of all colours and races 5 Once we have been devoured by every crime and extinguished by utte...

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    I am fascinated by Simon Bolivar Thanks to my Euro Centric Education I learned so very little about Latin America This man is the Founding Father of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Boliva which was named after him He was like all the American Founding Fathers wrapped up into one person Hard to believe, but it is true He had the Brains of Madison, Stature of Washington, Charisma of Hami...

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    Cuidado con lo que se desea porque se puede llegar a conseguir G nero Biograf a.Lo que nos cuenta Concienzudo y acad mico repaso no exento de flem tica iron a en algunos momentos a la figura de Sim n Bol var, desde su infancia en un entorno acomodado y pr ximo a la administraci n colonial hasta su resignado final, pasando por la visita a Europa que tanto marc su personalidad p blica y sus anhelos pol ticos, su camino hacia la revoluci n en Latinoam rica y la revoluci n misma Quiere saber m s de ...

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    Well, we all know that when it comes to biographies, British for some reason tend to write the best This one is not exception excellent research, deep understanding of the subject and the universal context surrounding Bolivar, his actions, his political views, his influences and the way he influenced others.The text manages to be concise, yet very detailed and never boring Of course, Bolivar s incredible story helps but there are so many other biographies about the Liberator that simply do not remotely match this one.One very important aspect here is that the author avoided the typical cult to Bolivar He is objective and points out the greatness AND the weakness of the Venezuelan heroe.For those who know the character well, this is a great book because it gives a very objective perspective ra...

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    Simon Bolivar n hayat n okumak demek b t n G ney Amerika tarihini okumakla neredeyse e anlama geliyor Olduk a kar k bir co rafyada zg rl k m cadelesi vererek Kurtar c nvan n alm ama sonraki i kar kl klar neticesinde ideali olan bug nk A.B.D ile benzer birle ik ...

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    Like many North Americans, I knew nothing of Bolivar other than Hugo Chavez likes to invoke the Liberator s memory to give him cover Long story short, he liberated modern day Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia from Spanish rule between 1810 1826 He spent 1826 1830 trying to govern, and got run out of each, accused of being a tyrant He died weeks months later of TB at the age of 47, unsure that it was all worth it Bolivar was a fascinating character who was a revolutionary as far as Spain was concerned, but a reformist in South Ame...

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    A very thorough and objective view of Simon Bolivar s life The book serves not only as a biography but also as a roadmap to the war of independence of South America Lynch shows Bolivar as a military, a politician, a citizen, a philosopher and a human being He explains very clearly his ideas and personality Ultimately, Lynch makes a great analysis of Bolivar s legacy, how his ideas have endured time and how politicians have perversed them for their ow...

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    I finally changed this to read because although I only made it through about half the book, it has been passed along and likely I ll never get it back Bolivar is incredibly interesting, and if you are a history buff especially SA history this bo...

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    Brutal, creo que cada persona que haya nacido en Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Per y Bolivia deber a leerlo y entenderlo, de esa manera tal vez se entiendan a s mismos John Lynch es un maestro.

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    John Lynch has a strong bias against Hugo Chavez at the end of the book.

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