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[Epub] ❦ To Love and Be Wise By Josephine Tey –

To Love and Be WiseThis Is The Sixth Of Josephine Tey S Inspector Grant Novels From The Golden Age Of British Detective Fiction Grant Meets A Celebrity Photographer, Leslie Searle, Briefly At A Party In London He Is Later Astonished To Hear That He Has Vanished In The Sleeply Village Of Salcott St Mary, And Sets Off To Investigate.

[Epub] ❦ To Love and Be Wise By Josephine Tey –
  • Hardcover
  • 262 pages
  • To Love and Be Wise
  • Josephine Tey
  • English
  • 23 September 2017
  • 9781849025997

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    In this 4th book of Josephine Tey s Inspector Grant series, he is active in it from the beginning A young man disappears or is disappeared and Scotland Yard has assigned Alan Grant the responsibility of figuring out whether it is by fair means or foul.Once again, I am impressed by the writing and Josephine Tey s excellent grasp of psychology How and why people take the actions they do is always in depth and real in her characters As many other writers of her era, the main character gets those lightbulb moments that we are not quite privy to If we are paying very close attention we might catch one or two, but while Inspector Grant shares some of hi...

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    Josephine Tey s life was cut tragically short If not for this I do believe would be talking about The Big Five Golden Age Detective Writers, rather than The Big Four I can t comment on Margery Allingham s works as I have only read one, but Tey at her best is definitely superior to Ngaio Marsh while Tey has weaker works, so do Sayers Christie This particular novel is all kinds of awesome one of the very few 5 I have given this year for fiction that isn t a reread It isn t just that this is a very well constructed mystery all the characters are well realised The world building to use a modern term is also quite wonderful I felt I was living in the village engaged in all the local affairs.This is the 4th Inspector Grant mystery I am really looking forward to rereading The Daughter of Time which is another myste...

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    In my opinion, Josephine Tey is up there with the best British crime novelists of the last century She wrote intriguing mysteries in clear, crisp and witty prose Her detective, Inspector Grant, is well developed and interesting without having any of the obvious eccentricities many crime writers choose to foist upon their detectives Tey was also good with the minor characters, although in this novel it s fair to say that some are believable than others.Here, Inspector Grant is sent to investigate the disappearance of a very attractive young photographer whose arrival in an English village has had a disturbing impact on a number of the locals Not surprisingly for a crime novel, there s than a touch of the implausible in the narrative If you re going to read this type of novel, you have to be able to suspend disbelief and just go with it You also have to be prepared for a resolution that you can t work out for yourself, as some fairly crucial information is...

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    To Love and Be Wise boasts another absolutely gorgeous cover by Pamela Patrick This is one time when I understand the Goodreads folk who obsess about uniformity in a series My editions are a ragtag group someday I d like to have the matched set.The story A disconcertingly beautiful young man becomes part of the lives of an extended family and then disappears He leaves behind amidst the bewilderment a girl who loves him despite herself, her fianc who is all at once a suspect in foul play of some sort in the disappearance, and a detective Alan Grant, of course intensely frustrated by a puzzle whose solution evades him I don t recall ever reading this before though given my memory that means little , and so the basic effect of having new Josephine Tey to read is a wonderful thing.I enjoyed the exploration of the effect an extravagantly attractive man has on those he meets Beauty is one of those attributes, like wealth or height or curly hair, which many who lack it envy, and which is, sometimes at least, not all it s cracked up to be This gorgeous creature Leslie Searles attracts attention, including from DI Alan Grant and he has learned over a lifetime of it to manipulate it, to some degree I liked that t...

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    God can this woman write anything worthy of less than five stars How is she not famous Her talent is so underrated I m consistently impressed with her work In To Love and Be Wise which is a lovely title it s fair to say the investigation makes absolutely no progress for 90% of the book, and yet so much happens Tey is unparalleled at drawing vivid, jump off the page characters I have never met a self confident author Her voice can be incredibly hilarious at the most unexpected moments and though the case itself is fairly light throughout for most of the novel indeed nobody s sure the...

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    Blago nestandardni krimi zlatnog doba koji se na kraju pretvori u zaista veli anstveno trolovanje italaca i opovrgavanje svih na ih itala kih o ekivanja I imala bih ta da ka em i za i protiv, ali bi to na alost pokvarilo iznena enje a i ne bi bilo previ e koherentno.

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    Tey does things with her apparently simple plots that no one, but no one else can manage A deliciously sly woman.

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    To Love and Be Wise Josephine Tey Edited to add a picture of Calder Alexander Eno the preternaturally enormous cat He loves lying on books and devices probably he can absorb books by osmosis He is extremely affectionate and loves to lie on the sofa with me while I read But not now, because it is warm and he would like me to get up and feed him The Gorey cat looks like hi...

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    Josephine Tey is the pseudonym for Elizabeth Mackintosh 1896 1952 Both a playwright under the pseudonym Gordon Daviot and novelist and due to a fierce predilection to keeping her life private, little is known about this author She guarded her life jealously, avoided the press, side stepped photographers, and never did any interviews Biographers for the most part are therefore fairly well pissed off about the whole secretive thing.And that s actually why Tey s novels are a bit of a game with readers and biographers alike including myself Absent documentary information about this writer, it is to the novels they turn for hints about her life It s like knitting, a pleasant past time with many a reader and in fact Tey often referred to her novels as being tantamount to Yearly Knitting One might compare this to a comparable story in today s music industry where Taylor Swift who though not exactly shunning the media, steadfastly refuses to discuss her personal life and points her critics and admireres to her singer songwriter work for the answer to their questions Just so with Ms Tey.And though she wrote primarily mysteries, they appear as an afterthought to Tey When reading her novels, you get the feeling she s pursuing something other than a conclusion to the mysterysomething always wrapped in a puzzle in and of itself and something always decorated using a wonderful sense of language She has been described as writing with exquisite characterization and a meticulo...

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    Long ago, in what now seems like another lifetime, I read a lot of Josephine Tey s books and admired her clever plots and superb writing Last year, I reacquainted myself with her writing by rereading my favorite book of hers, The Daughter of Time It gave me an appetite for reading .When I was reading her books in the past, to the best of my recollection, I never read this one And I think I would have remembered for it is a devilishly clever tale.It s the fourth in her series of books featuring Inspector Grant This time he is sent to the remote English village of Salcott St Mary to investigate the disappearance of a young man.Leslie Searle was a uniquely attractive man who was an ultra fashionable portrait photographer from America He was famous for taking pictures of actors and actresses, including some of Hollywood s big stars He was talented and so good looking that he turned heads wherever he went.But why did he go to this backwater village He claimed a connection to a man, now dead, who was a particular friend of one of the villagers As he introduced himself, the villagers accepted and took him in and invited him to be a guest in one of the country homes Soon he was firmly ensconced.He teams up with one of the local celebrities, a writer and radio personality, to write a book about the river that runs through the village The loc...

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