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[[ Download ]] ➻ A Passion for the Fatherless Author Daniel Bennett –

A Passion for the Fatherless A Passion For The Fatherless Exposes Believers To The Scriptural Mandate To Care For Orphans, Helps Them Understand Why God Has Issued That Call, And Equips Them To Joyfully Respond To That Call Bennett Provides A Sturdy Theological Foundation For A Ministry To The Disenfranchised The Orphan And Then Shows How Churches Can Build On These Biblical Foundations To Implement Or Improve An Orphan Care Program And To Equip Care Givers With How To Practicality, This Book Focuses On Total Orphan Care Ministry And Not Just Adoption, Including A Wide Range Of Activities Intended To Get The Whole Church Involved Domestic And International Adoption, Foster Care, Counseling, Congregational Funding, Overseas Mission Trips, Prayer Ministry, And So On The Temptation In A Church Can Be To See Orphan Care As A Ministry For Couples Of Child Bearing Age This Approach Fails To Make Wise Use Of The Incredible Resources Of Energetic Young People, Empty Nesters With Newfound Freedom, Or Older Saints Who Have Some Time With Which They Desire To Be Good Stewards A Passion For The Fatherless Includes Practical And Encouraging Stories Of How Other Churches And Believers Have Cared For Orphans, And Each Chapter Contains A Study Guide So That A Group Leader Could Use The Book In A Small Group Bible Study It Encourages The Church To Retain Its Strong Biblical Philosophy Of Ministry While Simultaneously Being Obedient In So Called Social Ministries, Like Orphan Care This Book Is Based On A Careful Study Of What The Bible Has To Say About Orphan Care And The Answer, Is Plenty , And Why We Cannot Ignore The Most Helpless And Abandoned Of God S Creation Without Grieving The Heart Of God All Who Are In Christian Ministry Should Read It And Ask How Should We Get Involved Dr Erwin Lutzer, Moody Church, Chicago

[[ Download ]] ➻ A Passion for the Fatherless  Author Daniel Bennett –
  • Paperback
  • 231 pages
  • A Passion for the Fatherless
  • Daniel Bennett
  • English
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9780825426605

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    This is one of the best books on the subject To succesfully care for the orphan, you must first point your focus not to the orphan but to God Orphan care ministry must be biblically informed and motivated by the desire to worship God.

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    While adoption has been going on for a long time it has enjoyed a recent spike in attention within Evangelical circles The accompanying wave of recent books on adoption has been good for both to be adoptive parents and families as well as the children whom they adopt Parents can be better equipped and children can be better cared for with their varying needs.In 2011 Daniel J Bennett wrote A Passion for the Fatherless Developing a God Centered Ministry to Orphans Now in its 2nd printing, the book seeks to provide a robust theology of adoption along with many practical applications, specifically as it pertains to families considering adoption and churches having adoption ministries Bennett writes from the perspective and heart of a pastor and adoptive father This enables him to write in such a way as to reach ministry leaders and adoptive families.Being an adoptive father myself, I have read numerous books on adoption by both secular and Christian authors While all of these books have their benefits, there are several reasons why A Passion for the Fatherless is t...

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    LOVE IT This book is awesome and really drives home important points regarding orphan care As someone who has hands on experience with orphan care through personal and professional settings, this book hits the nail on the head I 10 10 recommend

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    James 1 27 says, True religion is to care for widows and orphans and to keep yourself from corruption Yet many Christians fail to care for widows and orphans Author Daniel Bennett hones in on care for orphans in A Passion for the Fatherless Bennett is himself an adoptive father He and his wife Whitney have four children the fourth, adopted and live in central Illinois where he is the pastor of Bethany Community Church In A Passion for the Fatherless, Bennett articulates a Christian theology of adoption, discusses practical considerations for those considering adoption and orphan care and offers advice on how to form a orphan ministry in your church.In part one, Bennett begins by showing how Christian orphan care is unique because it is rooted in our desire to bring God glory first That is, a theology of worship undergirds Bennett s movement to the margins Bennett argues that living for God s Glory s impact on our lives should be profound There is no corner of our life that we can point to and tell him hands off He stands sovereign and authoritative over all realms It is to his glory that we engage in all ministries, including orphan care 36 In chapter two, Bennett argues that our engagement in justice ministries should be in conjunction with the gospel message, not instead of it He faults progressive evangelicals for watering down the ...

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    What does it mean to have a passion for the fatherless That is the key question in Daniel Bennett s book A Passion for the Fatherless In the answering of this question, Bennett does not merely give the emotional side of the idea.Instead, he develops a robust theological response to the needs of orphans Rather than simply engaging the emotional drive that something must be done , this work recognizes the long term nature of the problem There will always be orphans in need of care.The church, both at large and locally, should always be at the forefront of the efforts to provide that care Yet if we are going to do so, emotion may get us started but we need a better foundation for ongoing involvement Additionally, involving the whole body of faith will include demonstrating why it is necessary to those who are less emotionally swayed And these folks aren t automatically wrong some are emotionally vested in widows than orphans both are important ministries This is where Bennett s work shines Rather than build on a foundation of acting on your feelings, he presents first the Bible case for orphan care through the body of Christ and through individual believers He then goes on to develop specific ideas that can be implemented, paying attention to the various contexts of believer s lives and cultures.As a church pastor, I found the chapter on When Not to Care for Orphans an excellent inclusion Bennett expresses several valid concerns regardin...

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    Daniel Bennett s Passion for the Fatherless Developing a God Centered Ministry to Orphans is a book that highlights the Gospel s call for the Church to embrace care for orphans as one of the central parts of the Church s mission With a theological perspective and a pastoral heart, Bennett has given the Church practical advice for how local churches and individual Christians care for orphans in whatever form that care might take Orphan ministry is anything but easy, precisely because that ministry embraces so much brokenness But Bennett points beyond that brokenness, and all the tragedies upon which that brokenness is based, to the Good News of Jesus Christ The worship of the Incarnate One, Bennett says, begins when we care for the least of these And it s built upon the Christian hope that one day, those broken children s lives will find love and healing in our love of them The goal of orphan ministry, Ben...

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    An excellent place to start when considering the need and struggles pertaining to adoption The author is brutally honest as to the necessity of orphan care as well as the difficulties surrounding it While it is loaded with application he bases the majority of it in sound exposition.

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    Good book

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