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[Read] ➳ Spitfire Manual By Dilip Sarkar –

Spitfire Manual How To Fly The Legendary Fighter Plane In Combat Using The Manuals And Instructions Supplied By The RAF During The Second World War An Amazing Array Of Leaflets, Books And Manuals Were Issued By The War Office During The Second World War To Aid Pilots In Flying The Supermarine Spitfire, Here For The First Time They Are Collated Into A Single Book An Introduction Is Supplied By Expert Aviation Historian Dilip Sarkar Other Sections Include Aircraft Recognition, How To Act As An RAF Officer, Bailing Out Etc.REVIEWS The Year This Book Is Published, 2010, Is The 70th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Britainrecaps Key Aspects Of It And The Planning And Execution Of The Air War In General As They Relate To The Spitfire Speedreaders, 10 21 2010

[Read] ➳ Spitfire Manual  By Dilip Sarkar –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Spitfire Manual
  • Dilip Sarkar
  • English
  • 03 May 2019
  • 9781848684362

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    This volume is in fact a compilation of official Air Ministry documents, together with extracts from log books, combat reports a lectures given by Spitfire pilots It is in short a fascinating collection of authentic material which gives a very good feeling for the time at which it was prepared, even down to the spelling mistakes in the original typescripts There is a lot of technical detail of the aircraft and a history of its evolution from Mark I to Mark XXX or whatever It was such a good airframe it lent itself to continuous upgrade.As for flying the beast, I suspect it was a joy to fly once you got it off the ground, the torque of the single propeller and the 2000 hp from the Merlin engine must have made keeping it in straight line during take off a nightmare, the nose had to be kept up, t...

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    The chances of me ever flying a Spitfire are quite slim The next best thing is a flight simulator on a home computer This book gives nice tips on how to fly this beautiful machine A very nice book alltogether, maybe just a little bit short.

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    Spitfire Manual 1940 Edited by Dilip Sarker 2010 This book is comprised of numerous facsimiles of leaflets that were disseminated by the Air Ministry during WWII as well as, as the title suggests, a manual for the Supermarine Spitfire MK IIA Most of the articles are authored by experienced squadron leaders ...

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    just would love to fly one, brilliant book and ticked all my boxes..tally ho ginger

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